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"Resident Evil" (eight) series review: four hundred canceled – Hong Kong Sina

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New generations and changes

After its millennium, the "Resident Evil" series passed into a new generation. The fourth series of "Resident Evil0" was staged on the NGC platform. The article Resident Evil: Outbreak was also published on the PS2 platform.

These two games have their own characteristics. The first layer of Resident Evil0 added a two-protagon mitigation system, while the first time to include an online multiplayer concept is Resident Evil: Outbreak. .

Poor residence: Illness

Both games have got good coverage from players, and the whole series has a lot to remember. However, to describe the change in the style and game of the “Resident Evil” series, reference is made to the fifth series of the "Resident Evil4" series.

Risk of dwelling and May Devil

As early as 1999, Sanshangshi told players that it was developing a series of "Resident Evil" series for the PS2 platform.

The sequel project was made by Kamiya Hideki, which concluded that it would make "evil living" with "cool" and "fashionable" style and a part – active game.

The Resident Evil2 editor Sugimura followed the design of the new work. At that time he planned a script based on the concept of Shinya Yuki, a new character.

The new character is called “Tony” in the new story, and it is criminal police with excellent physical and intellectual skills. Tony has always believed his body is “quite unusual”, and when Raccoon City's event emerged, he realized his super-human potential could be linked to biochemical viruses. T . To find the truth, he examined Anbrera.

Tony Redgrave

The character has a great power, and then the game appears naturally in a word "cool" in action. Kamiya Hideki considers that the heroic side of the character can be difficult by displaying its character in a fixed view. He decided that the prefix design should be abandoned and chose to use the animation system in the game.

The animated scenery system allows the player to see more information, but it also means that the design of the setting is more similar to the previous one. So the artistic design team traveled to Europe for a painting, they spent 11 days in the UK and Spain, and took many photographs of Gothic carvings, brick walls, stone causeways and other materials for weft mapping.

The materials and scripts are fully finished, but at this time Sanshiro Shinji, who has been opposed to Hideya Hideki play voluntarily, has found that the current project has got too cold.

Design on the concept of play arts

In designing the game, although the development team tried to move closer to the atmosphere, but the compelling position of the influential, the game completely taken from the series. horror style.

However, Mr Sanshang believes that it is a disadvantage of delivering the project directly with such small resources. So he tested his activists CAPCOM to play the game game as an independent game project.

After independence, the project cannot naturally use the game "Resident Evil", so Shen Gu changed to the zombie world to become a world full of demons, and 39 t change the name of the character to a more relevant world. Ding. "

Eventually the game decided to use the devil may cry as the title, and it was officially launched on a PS2 stage in August 2001. This is the story of the birth of CAPCOM, a popular series. Devil May Cry, but this is a depression.

Series Devil May Cry

Dubh Black mist version "Resident Evil3.5"

The official start of the Resident Evil4 project began in late 2001, and CAPCOM officially launched the project developed in November 2002.

At present, the “Resident Evil4” project is one of the five games developed by the fourth CAPCOM development department for the NGC platform. The players were also hit with the “Resident Evil3.5” initiative.

Negative 3.5 3.5 Black Tea TGS 2002 Trailer

The script for the “Resident Evil3.5” game is still represented for Sugimura, but the instruction has been transferred to Sibata who worked as an artist in "Resident Evil3".

In the form of black mist, Lyon will need to travel to the European headquarters at the Ambrador and make a series of poems in traditional Traditional music format.

The game uses a double-tie game, as well as Lyon, where the actor is familiar with the actor, there is also a female character who was never made in public, but not the heroine of the Ashon the president again. Li.

Lyon image in the black mist version

As the plot progresses, Lyon will be adopted by a virus called 'black mist', and the left hand will turn on his left.

However, at that time, the development team was struggling to cope with inconsistent changes to the mistake box, so the basic system could not be achieved. Finally, CAPCOM was to allow the development of this work to be abandoned.

Sugimura left the last project team, but after leaving, he set the settings in a black fog of Resident Evil 3.5 to another game.

This game "Crazy Raider" was developed by CAPCOM.Tha Sugimura's third development department to make some minor changes to the unknown player in the original version "Resident Evil3.5", and latterly became "Crazy City". Fina, the hero in a Raider.

"Crazy City"

Versions of the draft version and zombie version

At the 2003 E3 exhibition Sansuke Shinji released a new trailer for Resident Evil4. This time, it is hugely encouraging that the development of the game is very smooth, and this journey will give players a worse sense of game.

The game “Resident Evil4” as it's called “Illident Evil3.5” is known as future proofs.

"Reubta Evil3.5" version attracted E3 2003 demo game

The illusion of the story of Resident Evil 3.5 happens in a haunted castle, where Lyon is hurt by the virus and is still pulling away. Every time you enter the state through deception, the game screen filters blue, and the angle will also broadcast.

In their attraction, Lyon must see many supernatural enemies, such as moving arms, lively balls, or ghosts.

Iron Hook in the game demo

More than those real-life choices, there are situations in which players are familiar with today's players. For example, the player goes into the cross-shoulder view as it goes into the target method, and the laser gun also has a laser vision.

However, "case attracting 3.5 3.5 3.5" is similar to the black mist version "Resident Evil 3.5", which is also a technical limit. Because the game itself has the stirring appearance of every view and the scenery must be rotated smoothly, the cost of the development is too high. Removing the final song finishing system also means that this version has been a waste issue.

However, in spite of that, it was inserted in the special code "Resident Evil4" in advance of "Resident Evil4" a secret DVD ", players can play the advance version of the" Resident Evil4 ".

Confidential Resident DVD

The misty black version and deception of Evil Evil 3.5 was abandoned. Eventually, Shibata decided to take the subject of the game to a series of traditional "Zombies" and to make it the “Zombie Resident Evil3.5”.

However, the "residential" version of "Resident Evil3.5" of the game itself is routine, there has been no new way of abandoning this version of the game in a few months.

Shibata was finally burned by Miyoshi Shinji.

The end of the series

From 2001 to 2003, the early development process of Evil Evil4 can be described as unsatisfactory.

However, it is not possible to suggest that the process of development is of no value. At the moment the basic subscription of "Resident Evil4" at "Resident Evil3.5" and the other two games taken from these projects, "Devil May Cry" and "madness", have also made fans welcome to City Liying .

Screenshot for Crazy Raider t

However, after two years of development the complete project "Resident Evil4" was completed, and the emphasis is on the development team.

From the first generation of "Resident Evil", he took no part in Sanshangzhen development work, this time he personally chose to start cleaning …

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