Taiwanese students elected as representatives of the 19th National Congress on the mainland, ongoing treatment – Free Asia Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Taiwanese students elected as representatives of the 19th National Congress on the mainland, and ongoing handling, Radio Radio Asia Radio (RFA)

Lu Li, a scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai, was recently elected as a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. But he was quested for his certificate due to his backup in Taiwan or the breaking of Narrowing Regulations. Taiwan Business Council said on Thursday (5th) that Taiwanese's identity and China's mainland identity can only be elected, and the authorities continued. The petitioners who have been submitted to Taiwan to apply for help believe that something is indeed wrong in the case of a # 39; keep a party situation without clarifying their identity. (Report by Wen Yuqing) Lu Li, President of Taiwan Taiwan Compatriots Association, is currently the Associated Dean of Foreign Language School at Fudan University in Shanghai. Recently, she and nine "Taiwanese" born on the mainland were elected as the 19th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party. Taiwan regional party representative. However, the world was immediately asked if there is a Taiwanese national, a & # 39; Attending as a member of a Chinese Communist Party that he can control "cross-border rules." Zhang Xiaoyue, chair of the Taiwan Business Council, said on Thursday (5th) that Lu Li has received the identity of China's mainland. In recent times, it has traveled out of Taiwan and with the identity of the mainland. MAC appreciates its choice of self-identity. Zhang Xiaoyue says that Taiwanese and China's mainland identity can not choose one, according to the narrower relationship law, in terms of Lu Li's situation, the Immigration Department Taiwan has clarified and continued. In mid-October, Hebei Cao Liansheng candidate moved to Taiwan to appeal for relief, and was subsequently convicted of two months by the local court for reimbursement. He believes Lu Li's identity is very fragile and he should not be a member of a Chinese Communist Party until she had succeeded in her identity. Cao Liansheng said: I personally think if I'm a Taiwanese, I will not go to other countries to politics. If I'm in politics, I will also add to the nationality of this country, that is, I do not want local nationality. As you say, the person has a personal idea, this may be the belief that the mainland government is in a position; offering business opportunities, that there should be favorable situations. Cao Liansheng told this station that there are many people who have two citizenship on the mainland, but …

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