The Marvel Captain Website is reconstructing the classic design of the 90s

9 February, 2019 • Technology journal •

Most of the website's current layout is simple and simple, but when I am in a position, Thinking about the origin of the internet, web design always wants a bit more lively, and different GIF things. Recently, the official website of Captain Marvel has embraced the design style of the year and her; corresponding to its backdrop.

The story about Captain Marvel was set up in 1995, just during the rise of the internet. In terms of film companies, the website can also use the year's design style, so that viewers can then remember the time of the year before watching the movie. This site is similar to a web page that was featured in the Netscape Navigator in the 1990s with classic GIF rainbow productions and comic singers, well with film content and current style, and can be viewed by a normal browser.

Awesome software engineer on Twitter revealed that the site was written in FrontPage and placed on Angelfire (a volunteer online storage space), as close as possible to the way in which the Create a page in the meantime to achieve similar results, in fact, the website should be written Make changes to match new browser standards and avoid walking.

Well: Captain Marvel

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