The US East Game Show PAX includes a "rim" card game – – Gameactor

Borderlands related news has been more wild and popular at the East Game PAX East Show. When Gearbox went not only officially "Edge Boundary 3", he learned we also get the game to be updated in quality, "edge of edge": This year's game, and "Boundary Forbidden 2 VR", also gets more and more DLC.

However, it may be that Robot Tea Party Tiny Tina is the most popular attraction, and Randy Pitchford's Gearbox CEO also played a card through the publication. This is a "periphery" card game, which players have to compete with others to lift their own Claptrap (do you remember this sound like the sound robot robot?), Tich a 'toirt leat air an seo? into the trash and first perform yourself. Man who reached the tea party.

This game is designed for 2-5 players, and is a game of about 15 minutes, suitable for players aged 13 or over. The game includes 80 cards and rules, and you can see the pictures below.

You're playing at The Labs Game XYZ Game at the PAX US East exhibition site, or you can go to the official $ 20 website.

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