Honorable Session of the National Assembly on Migration Debates: Möderndorfer challenged the Prince


Due to a poor response from the SDS President, Janez Janša, former president of the National Conference, Matjaz Tanko, Eliminate your legs from the parliamentary hall Janija Mödenrdorfer. Janša announces referendum on the DA migration agreement

At an incredible session of the National Assembly on the UN Convention on migration, a sophisticated and unusual problem was held for Solo parliamentary culture. The meeting was suspended for half an hour, because & # 39; and the services of the National Assembly for SMC Janija Möderndorfer they did not retrieve them from the meeting, as they did; ask the postmaster of the parliament Jože Tanko from the SDS, praiseians a wonderful session. Thanko had to remove Möderndorfer from the parliamentary hall, because he used insulting words about another member. "Mr Grims, Mr Prince of Darkness and everyone else …" Mödenrdorfer addressed President of SDS Janez Janšo, otherwise leader Tank. According to Tank, the word "Prince of Darkness" is a constraint. He also asked that Möderndorfer Janša, who gave him, sent his complaint.

Möderndorfer did not take into account Tank's requirements, and later the other gave him his ideas and removed his word. He asked a little from the National Assembly's services to remove the SMC applicant from the session, but work the last one. Initially, the Tanako session was hanged for five minutes, and then for five minutes, because they did not. The session is now hanged for one hour, but a meeting of vice president's representatives was convened in the meantime.

Janš named referendum

The MEP challenged the SDS, NSi and NHS challengers that they opposed the UN's migration agreement at the spectacular session of the National Assembly today, and the appeal; ask them. President of the SDS Janez Janša It also published a request for a consultative referendum. Members of the partnership parties and Levica supported the agreement.

Branko Grims in the presentation of the SDS subsidiary's position, stressed that the UN's global agreement has a strict agreement on safe, legal and orderly migration. Accordingly, the process is to accept this document in controversial sophistication, which has so far been held behind people. He said that the issues were illegal and non-statutory.

President of the main opposition party, Janša, stressed that the parliament should debut first and then with the government, but not by the party. parliament as the last. "So you did not give us other options for the consultation referendum appeal, "he said.

Matej Tonin and from the challenging NSi, he stressed that the bids that are not the right agreement. "If it is unconnected, we do not need that, but we believe that this document will be a long-term connection, "he said.

Accordingly, the agreement should be placed in the context of the nations that come together. If Slovenia's situation supports this settlement, many migrants – as he said, thousands of them on the Balkan track – can understand this as an invitation to welcome Slovenia. "I'm sure that Sweden will maintain such a long-term weight, "he said.

According to the NHS president of the challenge Victory of Jelinčič however,organization of the Slovene country"The words, migrants"move freely everywhere and get more rights than 250,0000 Surname and Serran and our citizens who have a full range of rights. remain under the poverty line, "he said as a lecture, which greatly promoted members of the left side of the parliament.

Jani Möderndorfer (SMC) thought Jelincic's work was so unhappy and desirable, and expected that the President and Deputy Chief Executive of the National Assembly would; stopping such a future lecture and reminding the case advocate.

The position of the SMC applicant was issued Branislav Rajić, which emphasized those migration processes to be ruled around the world. The agreement will govern the legal status of migrants, and # 39; Protecting vulnerable groups of women and children, and emphasizing the respect of your human rights. "It is a document that's not a # 39; introduces new duties on Slovenia, but is based on existing international legal instruments, "he stressed, saying that the agreement is not equal to immigrants with refugees and does not conflict with international and European law.

Robert Pavšič LMŠ suggested that the UN's agreement includes the finding that migration is true that they are here and not just a problem; of target countries. There is no guarantee that immigration issues will be resolved by this agreement. We could talk about the agreement is unconnected. We could talk about the fact that the dominance of migration politics in each country is clearly stated in the agreement. We could talk about the citation that special attention should be dealt with with migratory flows in the originating nations and beyond in interim and targeted locations, explained by Pavšič.

Milan Brglez (SD), at the same time, stating that the agreement is divide and split; respond to refugees and different areas of migrants to a different extent. Participating in the global agreement and how it is implemented, Slovenia has a " maintain its rights of landlords and deal with the refugees, migrants and other foreigners in accordance with our constitution, our international laws and agreements connect our country, he said.

This is the first international response to immigration regulation, which is the first. recommends better co-operation between countries in dealing with migration, but Masha Kociper (SAB). She said that many of the European Union's activities in the area of ​​control of the situation in this part of the world are going on. "In any case, I can not agree with those who believe that development support for those countries is not important. These people need to be helped to create situations and infrastructure that will enable them to grow economically, to live a normal life and to work, "said a mutual interest party.

Ivan Hršak (DeSUS) that immigration regulation is an important element in securing security in Soviet and the world. Leaving them from the UN contract, they would return from & # 39; searching for solutions internationally, illegally discharging illegal and a & # 39; Co-operation in the fight against smugglers and helping the most vulnerable groups.

Candidates' claims that the document includes filthy, and # 39; taking sovereignty over the states, and seeking changes in the constitutional order, according to MP Levice Mateja T. Vatovca "propaganda modes"."In Levica, we see the greatest disadvantage because it is not binding. Given that the main problem in the last few years is the total lack of confidentiality, we have the EU's doubt that the situation will be better because of a non-compliant response; connect anyone, "he said.

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