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Seven, out of Seven in blocked caves! He cut the chip as a result of the shortest thing, and much for your support. Place the moderator to a Facebook picture.

He had to be in hospital from December, when he was injured with a plague in the morning. It wasn't hurt to be clear if it were ever to go.

Thank you to all your interventions and antiquities. He first built his Mupodailo, and took a step with the boys to march, and then managed to get up with them. He sat konen. That's the job, as he told in his interview in February with Magazn TODAY.

And if it is a podailo, so I might see here the case of a rehabilitation in Kladruby, where there is good decoration. And that kept dalminimln msc and msc and pl, but the family family said that the house was honored at 24 June, once at birth.

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