Hope for humanity? Scientists say that life can work on this ice exoplanet


The little is so far from the ground.

It is likely that humanity would again bring another way to solve how often the ground is. A new home of people. In fact, the world's guns could be frozen in the future. teacher Carole Haswell from the Open University, which was reported by a scientific magazine Nature, saying that life on the exoplanet, running around Barnard's star, could work.

The red colored hawks are six six years away from our planet, with a mass of three times larger than Earth. At the same time, the star is closest to its sun. The surface temperature is measured by the scientist at about 150 first Celsius.

Despite this, they believe that heated heated water can be kept under the life of an intestinal life.

Carole compared to the European world, one of the base of Jupiter's planet. "It is clear that there is a suburban ocean in Europe, which can be seen as an environment for life, and that can be true of this issue," he says. Accordingly, they are "Superzeme" as they maintain, compared to smaller bodies, longer geo-activity. "This may be useful for providing the necessary heat and chemical processes that are necessary for the creation of complex multi-organic magic," he said.

This exoplanet has only been confirmed recently with almost 20 years of study at the Granada Theater in Spain that uses radical speed. This can be measured in detail by comparing high wave waves and test measurements.

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