Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: "Security work could be better" – 11/26/2018


Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He spoke a minute after that confirmation Martín Ocampo He will leave his position as Minister of Security to his / her; After the superfinal screen. "He retired and I decided to accept", said the government head. Regarding that, at his Patricios Parque news conference, he was Diego Santilli, From now on to undertake a range of Security to & # 39; Town.

Larreta, too, said that the attack of micro Boca connected directly to the predecessor of the previous day on the canal and again identifies the security work to eliminate Ocampo saying: "It could be better. "

A taller and senior officer said, as well the Security team continued and "mark" the bill published by Mauricio Macri about the bars.

And he explained: "The responsibility for other day's events was the bars that threw the stones."

Ocampo news stories were shown after himself and his national pair, Patricia Bullrich, were convicted of conviction in federal courts Comodoro Py for the security work that ended up with a tight battle around the Monumental stadium.

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