Hormone therapy linked to CV risk during sex translocation


Individuals get hormone cure during a more genetic change of humorous cartooning events, and # 39; including myocardial pomp (MI), stroke, and heavy-effects (VTE), compared to the general population, showing a Dutch indigenous study.

"Although we found a larger cardiovascular risk in transient people on hormone therapy, we believe that the benefits of hormone therapy are higher than risk of cardiovascular enhancement caused by hormone, "said Nienke Nota, MD, the Amsterdam University Medical Center, Holland distributing Medscape CardioologySouth Westerly

"We believe that doctors can reduce the risk of cardiovascular activity in the abusive population by providing advice on lifestyle and monitoring and routine cardiovascular risk management, such as lipid specimen, glucose levels and blood pressure, "said Note.

The inspection was published on 18 February online DistributionSouth Westerly

Last literature suggests that hormone is exogenous sex; get involved in the risk of cardiovascular events in men and cisgender women, explain Note. "Up to now, surveys in transient people on hormone therapy are mainly targeting cardiovascular risk factors, and major studies that monitor cardiovascular disease are a rare productive cause."

In order to pose a risk for cardiovascular events in surgical people experiencing hormone treatment, researchers investigated 2517 women overcrowds (mid-age, 30 years) who had estrogen with or without androgen effusions , and 1358 transsexual men (middle age, 23 years) testosterone was part of their movement. Behavioral followers for an average of about 9 years after the start of hormone therapy, and continue the route for an average of 8 years after the treatment began.

There were three higher occupations of a VTE and VT than they were talking about women and men, and the two women and attractors had a higher risk to MI than they were. ; mentions women.

CVD risk
End Point SIR (95% CI) WI Mnathan as Reference SIR (95% C) Le Fir Mar Referral
Transwomen vs. Women and vs. Men
Stroke 2.42 (1.65-3.42) 1.80 (1.23-2.56)
MI 2.64 (1.81-3.72) 0.79 (0.54-1.11)
VTE 5.52 (4.36-6.90) 4.55 (3.59-5.69)
Transmen vs. Women and vs. Men
Stroke 1.72 (0.70 to 3.58) 1.46 (0.59 to 3.04)
MI 3.69 (1.94 to 6.42) 1.00 (0.53 to 1.74)
VTE 0.41 (0.07 to 1.37) 0.36 (0.06 to 1.19)
SIR = consistent assessment; CI = interim confidence

Because b & # 39; ethinylestradiol can be responsible for increasing cardiovascular risk in intermediate ones, the researchers have eliminated subordinate rules of the international ones that started the transcription hormone remedy, by 2001; after that, ethinylestradiol was replaced with estrogens more naturally.

Only for VTE, the SIRs of this subpopulation were not lower than the SIRs of the total population, they report.

Important part of care

The researchers reported that the study was not designed to provide the machine behind the cardiovascular risk increase during the hormone remedy of sex remedies. They also note that the study was based on a review of medical records and not; It can include risk factors, such as smoking, mental health and eating habits and exercise. Although these risks may increase the risk of cardiovascular enhancement, the researchers have a & # 39; suggests that hormone cure may also be more vulnerable to increasing risk.

Find out to comment on the study, Nieca Goldberg, MD, director, Joan H. Joan's Center for Human Health Center, NYU Langone, New York CIty, and spokesman for Heart Heart Society America: "hormone therapy is an important part of care people are transmitted by sex and we should ensure that we can treat this medicine as healthy as possible to those people."

"We should always remember the dangers associated with hormone cure, including the ability to protect blood and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Thinking about hormone therapy, the patient's spiritual health should be evaluated and the patient's needs to understand the benefits and dangers of the patient, "said Goldberg.

Finally, she said, "we need to learn more about the strategies behind a greater risk of hormone cure in this patient population."

The study did not receive specific funding. Note and Goldberg has said that there is no conflict between any relevant interests.

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