Hormones can be linked to disorders of material use and involvement in women and is an important finding


Your hormone can affect your health in so many ways, and now a new research from the Vanderbilt Center for Dental Research has found that hormones can be tied to the disorder of the use of materials in women, according to news release. The researchers published in the magazine Icon for Nature Neuropsychopharmacology to find that women's hormonal tours could not be more likely to affect the use of substance misuse, the press release said, but women are likely to be disrupted by obstacles which continues to & # 39; use of materials. The researchers say that the conclusions are extremely important due to lack of research on how materials use a particular impact on women.

"Women who become drug-friendly may be a different process in particular than men," said Erin Calipari, a professor of a medicine center at the Vanderbilt Center for Dental Research. news. "It's important to understand this, as this is the first step in improving effective efficient remedies."

In order to analyze the differences on the use of different materials by gender, researchers allowed male rats and women to access material by contributing a contribution, depending on the press release. When the rats reached the material, green light was turned forward to reproduce the environmental causes that are present to people who are at the same time. taking supplies, the press release said. When hormone is spread – which is largely made up of a hormone that needs to be & # 39; made with the endocrine system – it was high, researchers found that female rats made stronger connections with the light and that they were more likely to hit the loop "so big & # 39; as possible "To get the stuff.

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The researchers say that the environmental flood – the green light – makes the female rats willing to "pay more" to get the stuff. "We found the animals just get a lever to get the light – these environmental incentives. That's worth," said Calipari in the news release. And the researchers say that these results are given to people.

The Vanderbilt team is sure to be the first one that's in. connect hormones to a greater use of materials. The 2014 study was published Systematic Reports at present Finding that estrogen is capable of enhancing the effects of substances such as coconut and amphetamines. And the National Institute of Bad Drugs (NIH) also says scientists have found that women's hormone can become more aware of men's products. Both Vanderbuilt and NIH teams say that such surveys are very important as research on the use of materials has been focused on how products affect men.

"Historically researchers have been trying to avoid feminine animals in special medical studies and so they do not have to report the impact of hormonal tourists," said Calipari in the news release. "As a result, the development of medication has been targeting the correction of dysfunctions in men, which can explain why women often do not respond to medicines or medicines that It's getting the same way people do. "

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The NIH says that not only did a woman leave a search of material use because they considered their "more difficult to biological than men" groups, but Investigation also considered that women were too busy to take care of families to take part in surveys. Fortunately, surveys like the one out of Vanderbilt start to & # 39; focuses specifically on how products affect women, so everyone has better treatment options.

But there is good news that everyone benefits, whatever their genre. In a recent recently published study, a search engine in Portland has been identified by scientists who can help to improve their medication to help them, prevention and disorder treatment of alcohol use. The researchers say that there are very few medications for alcohol use disorders agreed by the Food and Drug Administration, so they hope their products will help to cure them for treatment which helps to use alcohol.

Use of materials can affect people in so many ways that can not be seen, and it is amazing to see researchers who send every effort into them; trying to help people recover and retrieve them; their best life. With more medical options available, people have more choices to find the medicine that makes them better.

If you or someone you know can request help to use materials, you can phone the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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