HOROSCOP 18 MINUTE 2019. The big moment came. Aries need to save relationships, a couple will change their understanding


Horoscope. Here's a great deal of ONE 18 GAELIC 2019; The biggest astral news of the moment, of the week and of the month of February will be all day. Chiron, the spinmer who connects Saturn and Ùranus, has a bad page around her; Sun for about 50 years, has come out of rehabilitation today and her. stay in Aries until 2027! In aviation, Chiron "is" dealing with "our soul; It can be physical if they are not seen, treated, delivered, and converted into gifts. It is said that Chiron is a bad malady, in geoscience, he knows that although he cures anything and that anyone, to a paradoxical, is not a bad man; can heal himself.

Horoscope Chiron in Aries deals with the largest product; A person: the injury you can tell.

Horoscope A crown is still as bad as it can not be seen and is aware. The lot is turning into a gift after being cured.

Horoscope What is the name of your identity? Where do you feel you have weaknesses? What area of ​​life do you play "small"? Where do you think you're there, are you entitled to anything but it? What context do you still have a refusal of feeling, crime, judgment, resurrection, crime, terrorism?

Horoscope The soul is coming to cure these wounds and her. Attract situations from birth and childhood to realize the wounds to be seen and then cure.

Horoscope Many of us do not see their & # 39; fated for our lives. We hide carefully and we think it's not there. We put masks. And when someone, without business or error, "which affects" the wounded by word, action, criticism, we will do it; try because it is a bad impact.

Horoscope That is the point of inspiration in which we need to find out about the wound, we do not even hide it harder and be angry about the context he spoke.

Horoscope This helps Chiron in Aries to be made for us by 2027. If you've been working on your self-injured injury, these years will be filled with performance for your new TU. If you start working now, you will help to succeed.

Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Horoscope Imagine someone with whom it is easy to talk and talk to this person today if your relationship is important to you. The simple thing is that a particular person in your mind is a sign that you need an extra effort to keep that relationship up. There are snippets, but nothing will do your voice. You can think that you do not have time to give phones, but clear communication is essential at the moment. This important person shows life, sharing something very valuable to you: your time.

HOROSCOP TAUR (21 April – 21 May)

Horoscope If someone says that you work differently than your character today, do not stress it. Now you are in spiritual questions, whether you know or not. And while you can not get involved in a consistent way, you still have to continue to & # 39; personal reflection you have developed over the years. Do not let others still think of your ideas. Do what you think is better and that's important.

HOROSCOP GEMENI (May 22 – June 21)

Horoscope This day can begin with a big question to you – it seems that the concrete designs that you saw were not in concrete format thereafter. It's the good news that this fascinating change will take an interesting day. The best way is to make sure that a good day is going to be & # 39; Thinking positively and well, whatever the guidance of the plans. Everything is there at your fingers, and the arms are even longer and longer.

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