Horoscope for March 11-17 from Paul Globa


The week from 11 March to 17 is marked by major changes in star versions, and these changes are not always positive, the astrologer believes.

It's time to warn and warn / rabstol.net

It's time to warn and warn / rabstol.net

According to legendary Pavel Globa, the week from March 11 to March 17 is marked by major changes in star shape, and these changes are not always positive.

This means it's time for full permission and caution. Other people, friends, relatives, people may need to take risks, write “Slovoraz”.


Ovnam recommends astrologer learning to communicate the inner voice. March 15, this advice will be very useful, because the 15th is the most dangerous day of the week for Aries. It is not worth making decisions too quickly. Even on favorable days such as March 13, 14 or 17, it is best to consider each step. If something bad happens, it is better not to focus on. We have to learn to forgive people, especially those who are close to them. This time has been marked by the introduction of strong energy disagreements, which could have led to conflict and conflict. You have to be away from people, doing housework, physical activity. All of this will contribute greatly to the spirit of the signing of this sign of Stoid, helping them to overcome the difficulties.


Monday is the hardest day of the week. On this day, the plans will try to stop Taurus's joy and attract lure. Problems and problems help to stay away and deploy forces correctly. If you can keep alive from Monday's hardships, at the end of the week you can count on rising wages, effective rest or even increase. Do the most – prove to the authority their ability. In love, good luck at the end of the week is waiting for Tauruses. Finding it actively half. All people who already have a family or who are in a relationship, it is better to live in secret for a long time. Being close to relatives is a great way to get your work back and bring more luck in your life. Another vendor gives advice about getting rid of extra waste. We must also try to clear their energy from the negative.


Pavel Globa's twins are praised house cleaning, check, try it unnecessarily. The astrologer gives advice on not to send it back later. On the working week of weekdays, Gemini may encounter unexpected problems, as the stars are not in the best position. The greatest fortune awaits these people at the very end and beginning of the week. Despite the strange stars of the stars, the Cruachans will be seeking only the victory from Gemini. These people have to accept that even the second place is a loss. The stars are asking for the best pairs but they can't help them with a fortune. Members of the public may need to fight again for their own rights.


Near the weekend of work, Rakovs can start to develop a bad attitude and be gathering with exhaustion. Changing problems and the situation to solve all problems will help. Anyone carrying out substantial work must wake him up. Anyone who moves regularly is best to relax on the last working day in the evening. In general, the week is perfect for financial activity, buying, surprise, wardrobe updates. The week is great for business activity, but at the weekend and on Friday it is better to focus on relationships, love, communication, romance. Courtship and date will be useful. It will be possible to build relationships to a new level.

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Leos need to learn how to recognize their irregularity in some cases, they need to be able to be aware of their weakness and get rid of pride. This week, the Lions will be able to get out of these places of everyday life and commotion. In many ways they will help their self-confidence and understanding of the negatives. The ending of the work will be good for shops, travel, hard work, new contacts. It will often be necessary to listen to the voice inside, to show patience and attention. It is better for all representatives of this tired sign to change their position. You can update the wardrobe, look in full. The biggest risk is not.


A Virgo gets this week's week find your work in life. Nearly four days will be had. It is approximately 11,12, 15, 16 March. Today Virgos must take all that goes on around them, and then try to find a type of compromise. In general, Pavel Globa does not propose to go deep in love or affairs alone. Everyone should do something small. T

The astrologer recommends that Virgo is not too sexy. Despite the lonely representatives of this sign it will give you a lot of luck, as people go out to them. This will be a good time for any business, so Virgo should struggle with the excuse and excuse when leaving the comfort zone. In difficult situations, understanding with common understanding will be helpful.


This week sees significant changes in Libra which affect his personal life, family issues. You need to listen to what is best. Lonely Libra will be able to find the best friend, and those associated with them will find closer together. Already there are changes – you have to wait a little different and find ways to accelerate it find negative thoughts. At the work Libra is waiting for unpleasant times – leaders, colleagues and business partners can stop Libra's trust. This is especially true for March 15 – the most severe day of the week. On this day, you should not be alone in your own right and you should not suffer from other people's decisions.


He should think about it how to contribute to energy and energy. Luck will be directly dependent on the commitment of the Scorpion, to the ability to find ways of picking up themselves. Sunday is the most dangerous day of the week. It is on this day that representatives of this sign need to stop to give them some negative views. Generally one week is a great time to find the second half and find friends. It's important to communicate with people as big and as often as possible, to help them in everything. Secondly there are financial, procurement and employment issues. Also, don't forget about the work of the house – there will be more glass and a good feeling of cleanliness in the house. Particular success is awaiting representatives from creative careers and people who frequently rely on creative thinking.


The success of Sagittarius this week will give you an understanding. Between the 11th and 17th centuries, it is worthwhile getting help more often from the sixth sense. In love, this is the most lucrative device – you shouldn't rely on logic alone. In difficult circumstances, you should always be quiet so that you don't break the wood.

13 March is the most difficult day for Streltsov. On this Wednesday, many delegates may not enter this brand. There is a universe for greater wisdom in the words and actions of Sagittarius. They have to control themselves, be careful and be prepared to understand each other. In business and at work you need to get easier. Better purchase is canceled.


The start of the week will be very good. It takes the first couple of days on the vitality of the planet and the stars that will have the most impact on those people. On other days, further activity can continue energy reductionLong-term risk. Capricorns should rest in time and not spend time on things that are not yet important. For the best results Capricorn Pavel Globa wants to sit still. It's often important to try to cross, give yourself power to work, hard and hard work. It will change the situation effectively. You can visit another town or even a country. The astrologer gives advice to visit relatives and friends to give them more attention.


The success of Aquarius will stimulate motivation, good feeling and a clear presence in life. The best two days of the week are 13 and 14 March. At this time they should take the most difficult decisions and not scare the troubles, because they will have good luck with them. Your first task now is to take your business seriously. Also, the astrologer gives advice to drivers to try to be as generous as possible. No species is expressed in substantial form – you must try to take care of your loved ones. This week is very good for buying, for romantic meetings and for scenery shifts. You can safely upgrade your wardrobe, make trips, relax and relax, or, alternatively, work hard. During the period 11 to 17, you will be able to get a good friend, a good friend, a friend or a good counselor.


A lady will get lucky this week. In some respects, Pisces does not require a direct fortune of partnership. For example, those people will be easier to love. For Lonely Pisces, the Earth can give a person with whom it is possible to achieve harmony and create relationships, strong union. Leisure activities will require active action. Pavel Globa recommends that it takes no immediate action in housework. You have to be obvious, visit crowded places, look amazing. Positive changes will be possible if internal provision is possible and can change internally or externally. It is a good idea to spend your money a bit – change this beast, change the whole picture, refresh your wardrobe.

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