Hot looks very hard


Dong Thanh Binh, the actor who has been suffering from illness and Quynh's doll infection, He encountered many problems when he was burning an audience scene.

The vision suddenly came back in the Quỳnh dolls & # 39;

& # 39; Quynh dolls & # 39; Established 27: My wolf & # 39; hit Quynh, his father was sick

Meet Dong Qing Ping on a cool morning, he gave the other side of a metadata different to his wife, hatred, maliciousness in a & # 39; film "Quynh dolls." He was a quiet man; there.

The screen did not appear long, Dong Thanh Binh last year was disturbing the audience; watch television when the character of Quynh (Phuong Oanh) in the movie "Quynh dolls" causes fever. South Westerly

Where there are many people called the "Uncail", the short title but Dong Dong Binh had a lot of trouble just because he played a character too ill.

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Dong Thanh Binh is happy with Quynh & # 39; because her character is ill.

Do not be happy when the hot vision

– Is there any special purpose for "hiding" for a long time?

From my marriage, I was only a little in a movie since I wanted to spend more time with my family. After marriage, I have children too. My wife and I want to do everything for myself. So, we once introduced our children first of all.

In addition, I first pointed out, actors or films just about me. In order to make a long and stable way, I choose to & # 39; business. That's why I'm not so fond of people.

When Dong Thanh Binh was notified about 10 years ago, why did he not take the opportunity to take part and get involved?

To act like me, I think I have lots of opportunities for acting or other art areas. I find the life of the artist's brother very hard. I'm afraid I'm not strong enough to go on. I think of art as a knowledge of young people.

When I won the best Actor award in 2007 and the top 10 high in 2008, I have many invitations and opportunities. At that time, I was very young, round and not clear. I have a long way to do business, so I have only a specific level of artistic activity. This time, I saw its right choice.

– Before that, people often know a simple image, why did he choose a metamorphosis role, and try 180 degrees in "Quynh doll"?

At that time I was very cheap and so I took the job when the invitation was received. Ever since, I've always been a simple character and so I want to try to make a man, man and man. I see the carer's place is less seamless but hard to work. Sometimes I and the director also argue themselves so that they can fulfill their job in the best way.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; deceived me Quaint dolls: hot scenes are very difficult
Dong Thanh Binh performed Phuong Oanh as a professional actor.

– The hot sights, bed that includes a & # 39; Most of the time on his film. Do you feel embarrassing or have any problems with & # 39; Filming such scenes with young actors?

From psychological scenes, talk to My (Thu Quynh) or Quynh (Phuong Oanh), the characters of the learners must have thoughts, accounts that cause errors to film audiences. I have always worked out and I do not always.

In film movies, we are brothers, close friends should not be too much who always do; creating comfort, harmony for your acting. The biggest thing we rented, the more we were struggling back and forth.

I remember the vision of Moc Chau, Phuong Oanh said I'm "going on", so I also try to create the most comfortable for you. . However, everyone who looks like the movie like that nowadays is also hunting techniques; great support for these scenes. After the work, we were very comfortable with each other.

– You do not have a previous emergency scene, so where do you get material to make your color?

I talked to many leaders, reading social media literature and watching statements. I always have to work out how to look right on the eyes, against the metamorphosis that will fit every scene and job.

Indeed, this post does not have many perspectives but it's very difficult to be right and feeling well.

– Did you feel well working?

I was not happy because I had a lot of conversation with the director. Each character has a life in the movie "Quynh dolls", a deep hidden story. To do so, but you have to implement the metamorphosis, I and the leader must think very much.

Fortunately, the listeners also responded and the work was really horrible and so I was very happy. But for being honest, I'm not satisfied enough.

– What is your general personality with your carer in "Quynh doll"?

In terms of personality or personality, I am so different from this character because everyone is in a position; Assess me fairly and quietly. With incomers, I rarely travel.

But perhaps, if you are aware, his / her supporter in the movie will never appears with a picture as a calculator from the book or doing business thinking. Probably, I'm the only way to go to # 39; doing business. I think a lot, I have to work out for his business. Sometimes I think how big I need to write a paper to forget.

– How do you comment on Phuong Oanh?

I think Phuong Oanh is an incredible actor but she's doing very good and professional. She has too many emotions and needs to be a constant change in the program but Phuong Oanh is still doing well. Many beautiful people are referred to as "moving vases", but with Phuong Oanh, that is not true.

She got the feeling very fast. There are not many professional actors as soon as they would. Standing in the corner of the victim, a person who suffers, fear, I do; appreciate her performance. I think the film is as successful as it is now, thanks to Phuong Oanh.

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Characters were always counted in & # 39; Quynh dolls & # 39 ;.

Where the name is also named "Uncail"

– Is this most exciting job so far?

Since the "Heart Programming" program has been filmed for 10 years ago, people still want me "Earthworm" – a funny, funny man. But I think, after this movie, call people with me another name. Sometimes I feel sorry, not just the listeners who are ill, watch the movie.

– Is a text message spolded broth-burial, shaken after a father's post?

When I'm going out, people still recognize and hear but people are still consistent and warm. Someone asked me: "Why are you looking back like this so far." There are fans who want to draw pictures with me, and they want me to do a bit of metamorphosis to look like a movie.

Many of the clothes on the film are my fine clothes in life. So far, I'm not willing to spend it again because I'm in the same world as the movie is.

The word "Uncail" is also very happy with the audience. My wife says, now that is the social network that is now offensive. Whatever I'm going to do now, people are Telephoneing me as well as each other and I am also aware.

When your wife looks at her sweetheart on the movie, she's astonished at her suddenly?

My wife does not watch this movie because she's keep out she can not see. But living together, I always have my best understanding and understanding.

One day, she saw the hot vision between me and the character in the social drama Dao, she is also angry. But it's just an angry love story between the man and his wife that is so natural, we have no problems.

– What are you most about the character of your stepfather?

In fact, with the director of Mai Hong Phong, every character has a special feeling. All types of people are in society. I think that job is not in the # 39; society too, no.

A bad carer is right but I still think he `s still; feelings even though that feeling is too numerous, it is not true and exceeds all morality of asturance. From the beginning to the end, he was still friends although Quynh knew she had to go to work as a girl, many people on the trap.

– Someone said that Dong Qing Ping did not enter this color and left a sign for a good script, what you are doing; think about this?

I have not yet seen this post. Sometimes I tell the director that I feel that this duty is not appropriate to me. I think if it was in someone else, it would be a bit; better than me.

Many people know the good side who play well, the face of a tattoo as a head; members but Mai Hong Phong has a thinking style and how they still tell the story. Now that people are reminded and able to create an impact, I think that's really successful.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; deceived me Quaint dolls: hot scenes are very difficult
The bed screw & # 39; of Qing Qingping's scenes in the film.

– After considering the audience through the place of a poplar, do you expect to build a new image on this side?

The other day, a friend told me: "Mrs. Can not take a better role again". I just smile and her; I think I'm not familiar with matching this color or not. I see, the listeners also love their & # 39; This character, which verifies that i & # 39; answer this color too. I do not know if that is more suited but I still want to go into more colorful jobs. I still liked to & # 39; Play farms who can take advantage of another corner of my life.


Phuong Oanh but he is satisfied with the result & # 39; Quynh doll & width; "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Phuong Oanh but he is satisfied with the "What's Doll"?

"Quynh doll", the woman's guide, is & # 39; Distribution of its satisfaction and belief that the movie will take the audience at the last minute.

& # 39; Quynh dolls & # 39; which was set 26: ban Dao duc Quynh "width =" 145 "height =" 101

& # 39; Quynh dolls & # 39; Set 26: Dao was quenched by Quynh Quynh

Quàin kept playing her; game and then Dao. At the same time, my wolf & # 39; lying down with Nghia and her & # 39; warns him to avenge each one.

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