Hot Swing "Dan", a promising gameplayer, Sing Isan Open, today's day


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"Dan Tai Boon" Pro from Sukhothai Sukhothai City, finally the last 67, of the Singha Open 2019 garden, which was achieved after completing 20 sub-par 268 at Singha Park, Club The Khon Kaen Golf that won this season. 2 and be the 3rd heroin for himself …

All Scottish Golf Tour Championship Play, sponsored by Singha Corporation Limited, Thailand Sports Authority, National Sports Development Fund and Thailand Tourism Authority. Competition for "Sing Isan Open 2019" for a total of 3 million baht awards between 7-10 February 2019 at Singha Park, Khon Kaen, 7,535 yards, Par 72 competition, receive a 450,000 baht prize.

The results show that the final day of the competition On Sunday, February 10, Dan Tai Boon came out to "Pro" for the 23-year-old boy from the Sukhothai population, guide from the second tour, and # 39; Show the same hot form as well as making 5 under section 67 of 6 jobs. Birdy won 1 bogey, an overall score of 20 under section 268, this title. With a prize of 450,000 baht

Pro, who won this title for the second time after his success in 2017 and is the third campaigner in the All Thailand Golf Tour, that he is proud of his work today. Because of playing on & # 39; map, let ah try to focus on every picture And focus on a puzzle game What's good today Before & # 39; competition, today it is hopefully secret. Before he became sure he won the competition In the last hole

"Try now not to lose the competition results. Because it is considered that the third case in the whole of Thailand is involved in this program. A & The first time is a Pro Boon Chu game. Before you start receiving this program for 2 years ago and this trip, it is considered that this is the best thing in this area Because And he had been on since he was a young person A well-educated field knew the field For the next competition, that will be in the Battle of the ISS Haneda World Super 6 Perth, who is already doing homework in a wind condition situation. This competition is thought to be a courage before you go to Australia, "said Dan Tai .

Part 2 to "Pro Zoom" Wichayanon Chotirunrungrueng This day, which hit the 6 sub-66s to get the total of 15 sub-par 273, and # 39; gaining an award of 277,500 baht, and third stage at Pathiwat Kamonprasert. With a total score of 14 under section 274, receiving an award of 171,000 baht

For the next All Thailand Golf Tour, the 4th Thongchai Jaidee Foundation, 2019, will be the games co-ordinated by an Asian battle. A Development Tour (ADT Tour) receives a 4-million baht prize at Marshal P. Phibunsongkhram Golf Course. Between 14-17 February, the stadium will have a news conference on 12 February.

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