Hot tea contributes to the risk of alpine cancer, scientists warn


A lot of people start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. Drinking very hot has health problems. They may be more likely to get cancer.

Tea – over 60 degrees Celsius can be dangerous. So if we drink more than 700 milliliters a day, that's about two large cups. This is particularly the case where the risk of cancer is up to 90%.

Scientists have looked at over 50,000 people in the Gothic region in north-east Scotland.

“Drinking tea, coffee and other hot drinks is a favorite thing. But, according to our report, hot tea can pose a greater risk of cancer cancer, so it's recommended that hot drinks stay as cold as drinking, ”said Farhad Islami from the American Cancer Society.

Previous research found that drinking hot tea and breast cancer was linked. The study was published in the International Journal of Cancer. According to the authors, the first step to finding a certain temperature.

Often cancer

Alophageal cancer is the world's most common eightth cancer and in many cases finishes in death. Although it's according to the International Group for Research, it kills around 400 people a year. This is usually a result of repeated inflammation due to smoke, alcohol, gastric supplyrs and hot nettles.

Esopha is a long tube formed with food and liquids absorbed into the stomach.

The American Cancer Society estimates that there were 13,750 new cases of sophageal cancer in men and 3900 new cases of US women in 2019.

The team of researchers followed 50,045 people between 40 and 75 years in ten years. In 2004 to 2017, it found 317 new cases of cancer cancer.

The study said further research was needed on why there is further research into why it is just hot tea drinking which is associated with an increased risk of canophageal cancer.

Drinks are cooler in Europe

Professor Peter Pharmacoepidemiology is from Stephen Clariende School from London and Tropical Medicine claiming that the heat was more likely than drink.

“It is likely that she is hot. It is known that marmalade jam causes damage to the eophagus. Maybe trauma is making changes to cells and so cancer, ”said Evans.

In the USA and Europe, tea is rarely eaten at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius. But in places like Russia, Iran, Turkey and South America, tea is common and even warmer.

"If you go to the Middle East or Russia they will be drinking from samovar – it's still hot," said Peter Goggi, president of the American Tea Association. "It's very hot," he said.

James Doidge from London University says that hot drinks are a fixed risk factor for breast cancer.

“Measurement of science, it is important to realize that outbreaks of one body are at risk from cancer. Sunburn causes skin cancer, smoking lung cancer, and many foods and drinks contribute to the risk of breast cancer, he said. The scientist was not involved in the research.

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