HOUS announces New Plans for New Air Plans in December. LOCAL LOCAL DEVELOPMENT


Mr Sumeth Damrongchaitham, President Thai Airways Limited International Public Company (THAI) today said that its company will offer a new range to the Board of Directors for approval today. By bringing together a business plan, provided by the councilor, will be provided together. It is anticipated that this will be possible next year and it is expected that it will be delivered in the next two years. Future market analysis in line with business expansion.

According to the plan, HOUSES will receive 23 new planes, and # 39; Approximately 100,000 billion baht.

In the last three years, the THAI market share has been up 10% since no planes have been added. At present, there are 100 aircraft with a market share. At least 125 the same plane, or a minimum of at least 3%

"The supply framework needs to look at the right way. Need to explore the future market. We will also expand our … 3 years Marketing Department has lost 10% if not We expanded. If we do not have a new airport. Do not plug the plane because we will be declining. At least 3% of this year's growth has grown. which delayed the plan, "said Sumate.

But, as long as I am, waiting for the plane to come. HOUSES can lease planes to increase their fleet. He will carefully consider how many aircraft it uses. Especially during the high season (Q4 – Q1), several planes are currently being maintained.

If FAA USA is inspecting and & # 39; Confirmation of Category 2 Thailand as Section 1, will receive its Share Code partnership company, which can be considered before consideration. The route and plane continue to continue; fly.

Mr Sumet also said that HOUS has worked with Spring Airlines. This is the largest low air service in China. To help transporters to China as large as possible in the three months, December 61-February 62. No New Year's Year. HOUSES are able to bring flying travelers to Europe, and Thai AirAsia It helps to take Chinese tourists into major cities in the country. Featuring Nok Airlines and Thai Airways. There are already support routes. Although there are official footage free of charge to Chinese tourists, its company will consider a long-term collaboration with Spring Airlines.

The THA leader reported that the residency was October 2006, 78%, which was nearly the same time last year. And assuming that the number of Chinese tourists to THAI fell by 10%, but they are Believe that the collaboration with Spring Airlines will help to restore Chinese tourists. This year's Cabin Factor is 80%

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