House prices in Portugal, Brussels – The Economic Journal – are heavily accelerated by house prices


House prices in Portugal have "accelerated considerably" in recent years, following the current economic climate. The European Commission are making a report in a report debated by the Euro group this week, according to the most recent data, on the 15.4% increase in the sale of houses on the Portuguese mainland. December 2018, compared to the same month the previous year.

According to data from the Residential Real Estate Index (CI), published on Tuesday, this growth represents a density relative to the 12.8% recorded at the end of 2017, continuing through its year. we went away over the last year.

According to the Brussels report, "housing prices rose dramatically in 2013, after economic revival and showed a context of low rates, and maintained at different levels." area of ​​the euro, reflecting issues specific to the country, including mobile streams.

The European Commission points out that "recent accelerations in the number of member states" have been accelerated, giving examples from Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia.

At the end of the Eurogroup meeting on Monday, Mario Centeno said that Brussels analysis shows that the current situation in the housing market is quite different from that before the crisis. "There are no significant indicators of excessive evaluation, it said," he said. However, the Eurogr director has stated that "there is a need to closely monitor housing prices and housing debt, with the recently acquired lessons."

In the report, which was debated by euro-zone ministers, the European Commission stressed the existence of a "housing price crisis after failure to demonstrate the correction of unstable movements in many of the MSPs'. There has been a rise in prices, particularly in countries with an increase in pre-emergency times.

The European Commission also confirmed that "the risks of accelerating the housing price downturn in the euro area are under review."

“House prices in most euro member countries are steadily recovering in some Member States and in some Member States accelerated in recent years," it is t telling.

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