Household profile about water shortages sought


Residents are given the opportunity to buy plastic buckets at Mandaluyong City on March 12, 2019 for use in collecting water as a result of an ongoing water service breakdown. Larry Monserate Piojo, ABS-CBN News

MANILA – Bayan Muna list-list on the answer to the search for a statutory inquiry into a water service that has drunk the tapes in the Metro Manila cakes.

Manila Water, who serves more than 6 million people in the east of the capital, has cut supplies in a number of places because the rainfall in the La Mesa Dam, their emergency store, has fallen on. Lack of water and growing demand.

Bayan Muna Rep Carlos Zarate resolved a 2518 settlement asking the House of Representatives committee to conduct a scrutiny of the public water accident and its impact on consumers.

About 52,000 households have no water in the eastern Metro Manila region. This figure does not include those with low water weight.

Manila Water said that there is an average deficit of 140 million liters a day due to improved service connections.

From 2016, the optician has been responsible for providing a buffer from the Dam La Mesa to add to the deficit.

However, Manila Water's Marshal Dam reached its lowest standard in 12 years recently. This means the company can no longer be hanged on emergency supplies of water supplied by La Mesa. And it is likely that the situation will improve until the summer comes to an end and the water is filled with water.

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