Households without cops, & # 39; Surrey chants group were involved in policing costs


An enterprise group in Surrey states that policing costs in the city are " housing costs and community programs.

Having tried "homes without cops, homes without cops," the band called Anti-Police Power Surrey stopped on Saturday Surrey when they traveled on 104 Avenue to a hall; town and then to stop RCMP on King George Boulevard in Whalley.

Members of the Anti Power Police Surrey from Surrey Town on 104 Avenue to the RCMP stop in Whalley on November 24, 2018. (Jon Hernandez / CBC)

Dave Diewert, a long-term operator, says that his team was set up shortly after the new president of Surrey, Douglas MacCallum, was elected on his / her. promise to replace RCMP to & # 39; town with a domestic police force.

"Police can never solve the fundamental causes of social problems that we can commit crime," he said.

McCallum's campaign was presented by voters as the town was. including drugs and weaknesses.

Jeff Shantz, a professor of ecology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, opposed his complaint on 24 November 2018. He says that there is no more police presence. address systematic roots of a group involved in poverty, racist and drugs. (Jon Hernandez / CBC)

Professor Kwantlen Polytechnic's ecology Jeff Shantz says that while McCallum's message meant that there would be more cost to be done by doing so, play for fear of violent violence.

"The cops are eating too much of our social and public resources," he said. "We need these resources in our communities to keep ourselves up."

Surrey is the largest RCMP place in the country with over 1,000 officers, supporters and volunteers based on the RCMP website.

The federal government will build a 10 per cent of the Surrey police document but the city lost its funding when it comes to. cutting connection to the RCMP.

Surrey police budget increased to one hundred and seventy million dollars next year.

McCallum has promised that the new force will take place two years, but experts are aware of the timeline.

At the same time, Anti-Police Power Surrey is committed to continuing to & # 39; pushing to give money from police budgets to pay for community centers and youth programs.

Its members say that these resources would be better suited to the fundamental causes of crime and violence in Surrey than more policing.

With files from Jon Hernandez

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