"Housing" for "economic" marketing is 30% of the related products that embrace development projects


"The Ministry is asking developers to make real estate buildings around 30% of the products to take their projects," said Mohammed al-Ghazwani, Deputy Director of Housing Development Housing Ministry.
Al-Ghazwani said that his & her; ministry of the troubleshooting projects from the estate developers and the designation to other major site developers directly.
Regarding the delays of estate developers in delivering projects, he said, "The requirements and contract between the beneficiaries and the developer are considered, where there is time some time to delay the developer If it is longer than the time allowed, it is the responsibility of the renter to pay the rent,
He said that his or her ministry was aiming at partnerships with estateowner developers, the purchase price of 250 to 750,000 buyers is average. He stated that "the donation and market demand is when the product is produced and it is not fitting that the potential of beneficiaries and the potential marketing project can be bought at the end, so We emphasize the importance of affordable prices for beneficiaries. "
He said that the "Resident" program continues every month and its commitment to housing options and citizen funding that was recorded in lists; Ministerial and Finance, indicating that several projects for housing units are being built in conjunction with developers, To date, over 62 projects have been identified in different parts of the United Kingdom, providing more than 90,000 residential units with multi-level locations and designing; including houses, houses and townhouses.
Al-Ghazzwani confirmed that the service was going on by going to # 39; Delivering housing units is ready in a variety of mining projects, which include about 20 projects, as well as the option of free land provided to the beneficiary to occupy the residential units to build them. He said that the citizens are benefit from the self-option Out of their market by going to # 39; enter the link on the "Residential" site.
"Residential Expo", run by the Ministry of Housing and Visitors, has been hosted by the Housing Ministry and continued on to November 23. It aims to allow beneficiaries of their "Residency" program to make their trip easier for their "home" Developers involved, developers of large buildings, contractors, organizations government, and funding centers, and providing housing solutions and funding under one roof.
The Residential Expo offers opportunities to meet the & # 39; A Property Advisor, which is provided by the Housing Ministry and the Estates Development Fund, in recognition of the needs of the benefits and overcoming the obstacles that they are trying to access; their first home. The councilor offers a range of residential and financial solutions to help them A housing that meets the needs of the beneficiaries and their clients. respond to their abilities.
And giving them the opportunity to meet developers as well as contractors and financial agents as well as the parties that are experiencing. relate to the range of services needed for housing, and the latest models and residential designs and the best possible and best possible construction materials and the best possible solutions to meet you and ending Fundraising solutions from the Development Fund in partnership with funding agencies to "Load Mortgage Licensed" within a range of appropriate resources for different parts.
The Housing Ministry, which is represented by the Housing program, has made five agreements with four occupancy development companies for the creation of more than 19,000 residential units in Riyadh, Jeddah, Buraidah and Al Khobar for beneficiaries a & # 39; the Residency program. Eleven taxpayers of beneficiaries of their last program.
This comes as the extension of agreements signed by its email address. Ministry with a number of qualified developers to create thousands of residential units in different areas of the United Kingdom.

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