Houston Texans vs. Washington Redskins RECAP, SCORE, FANTASY STATS (11/18/18) | NFL School Week 11


The AFC South Houston Texans (6-3), led by quarterback DeShaun Watson, meets the NFC East Washington Redskins (6-3), led by Alex Mac a ' Ghobhainn, at the NFL Seachd Football League on Sunday 18 November 2018 (11/18/18) at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

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Dustin Hopkins lost a 63-yard garden goal attempt at the end of the government when Texans Houston continued to play; defeated the Washington Redskins, 23-21.

Here is what you need:

Who: Texts vs. Redskins

What: NFL Football, Week 11

When: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Where: StadEd FedEx

Time: 1 p.m. East

TV: Fox

Livestream: fuboTV, Sporting Fox Fox

Line: Texans -3 (Over / under: 42.5)

NFL power rankings

Text notes: QB DESHAUN WATSON has 1,162 passwords (387.3 each game) with 7 TD vs 5 INTs and there are 143 pine rods (47.7 each game) in 3 posts that start vs. NFC. There are 2+ TD licenses in 3 of the 4 that have disappeared on the road. Do 36 TD travel in 16 professional games, most of the NFL history with QB in the & # 39; His first 16 posts (HOFer KURT WARNER, 39). Is 1 of 6 QBan NFL 100+ levels (101.7) from 2017 (min. 400 att.). * There were 75 rods (Rush, 22 rec.) In RB LAMAR MILLER in a professional meeting (9/13/15 with Mia.). Does it have 100 pine yards and discharges TD in 2 of the last 3 days. Are 4 TDs (3 rec., 1 rush) than 5 vs. vs. NFC. * WR DE ANDRE HOPKINS had 10 holdings for 105 yards & TD in Week 9. There are four games with 10+, 100+ recs. hunting & TD capture since 2017, and & # 39; Most in the NFL over the field. Are 5 TDs Accepted In Time 4. Objectives for their fifth series in a series with rec. TD. If there were 4 clicks for 89 yards & TDs in the last meeting. In the last 6 years vs. NFC, there are 45 holdings (7.5 per game) for 797 re. rods (132.8 per game) and 4 TDs. WR DEMARYIUS THOMAS has 50+ replies. Gardens in each of his previous games today. 3 TD TE RORDIE TE JORDAN THOMAS has captured over 2. * DE J.J. WATT was free in the Week 9. There are 9 bags in the past 7. Aims for the third phase in a series with a sac. In a post meeting only, there were 2 TFL, sacks, FR & PDs. DE JADEVEON CLOWNEY has 3 bags in the past 3. SHERANN MATHIEU has made a bag in 2 of the days. Rookie S JUSTIN REID was at the 9th with FR in Week 9. Objectives for 3rd in a series with 8 plus.

Redskins Notes: QB ALEX SMITH threw for TD and was 100.5 per week. Are 10s vs. TDs. 3 INTs for 96.7 levels in 6 professional games vs. Hou. In the past 5 vs. AFC, there are 1,461 yards away (292.2 per game) with 7 TDs vs. 1 INT for 101 by rank. * RB ADRIAN PETERSON has 251 pine rods (83.7 each game) and leaving TD in 3 professional meetings. Are 333 pine rods (83.3 each game) & 2 affecting TD in the past 4 at home. There are 95+ frost gardens in 3 of the 4 that have disappeared at home. * TE JORDAN REED has taken 7 TD in 9 vs. AFC disappeared. RSS Feeds TDan in the last 5 years at home vs. AFC. Is 1 of 4 NFL TEs with 200+ acceptance (217) & 20+ rec. TD (20) from 2015. WR JOSH DOCTSON was receiving TD in Week 10. Aims for the third phase in a series with rec. TD. There are 15 arrested WR MAURICE HARRIS for 176 yards (88 each game) in the past 2. It has been a team management again. Gardens in each of the past games. * LB RYAN KERRIGAN FF received the last meeting. Are 5 sacks in the year 7 vs. Last AFC. The 9 in the house disappeared vs. AFC, there are 9.5 pieces & 2 FF. Reasons for her 3rd series in a row at home with a sac. S D.J. There are 2 FFs, FR & sack at SWEARINGER in the past 3 at home. There are 3 INTs in the 2 vs vs. Last AFC. Aims for 3rd in a series vs. AFC with INT. 4 FFs & 3 INTs were received in 2 quarters with Hou. (2013-14). HA HA CLINTON-DIX is aiming for its 3rd in a series vs. AFC with INT. There are 3 INTs in vs. out at AFC. CB was CB in JOSH NORMAN in Week 10. Aims for 4th in a series with PD. There were 2 PDs in a post meeting only (9/20/15 by Car.). – NFL Communications

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