How About The Mars Rover Dies to Die growing up the internet and done by people who die: an application


This photo on July 26, 2004 is available by NASA which shows the shadow of Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity when it later traveled in the Crude Endurance in the Meridiani region of Mars Planum. (NASA / JPL-Caltech through AP)

"My battery is low and it's dark."

That's how I was feeling when I heard NASA A mission of craft pre-empties was finalized after 15 years. The Oppy, the rover, was officially dead, and he returned to the Earth's last terrible deal before finding his final ready place in Glen Suffering on Mars's surface.

The rover has been around because I was a boy. I remember that m & # 39; Dad showed me 3D pictures of martian rocky surface. I was devolved with the promise of NASA's most advanced rover session yet and we could prove that there was water, and even life, even once. This is one of my favorite science memories.

So, when I discovered that NASA could end the resolution, I was sorry. And as any science reporter, I made a tweet about it.

From 16 February, the thread spin around 173,000, 40,900 retweets and 17 million designs (for the value of that value).

It was obvious that I was not alone in my sadness.

Tweeted about famous people about it.

It was made to make perfumes.

(Imagine everyone who does Cowboy Bebop to describe it!)

YouTube videos were posted.

And people even made t-shirts.


In the following days, the phrase was split from the context of the thread and on its way past Twitter.

People began to talk about it as if they were. That's the last words that the rover said. An NY Daily News he said as truth.

JPL asked to contact us to tell me that questions were given about the final message. And although it was likely that most people Understanding the context within the tweet, many were not.

HOW TO MAKING DONE, "Has my betrayal been faster and affecting"?

As Scott Simon told NPR, "he"poetry translation. "

My tweet explains what two scientists from Mission Exploration Rover Mission told me.

Project Engineer Abigail Fraeman Talk about how it was like when they realized Tuesday It was very bad, and the life of Oppy was at risk. They asked to preserve energy.

"It's hard, because you know it's coming … but there's nothing you can do to stop it," said Fraeman.

"By day, we knew it was bad. And then before Friday, we knew it was really bad, but we could not do it but look. And then On Sunday, we got in touch with the rover and we were really, "she said. "Indeed he said we had no power left, and that was the last time we heard from it."

Iain Callas, project manager, gave detailed information about the final communication with Oppy: "It also told us that the sky was very dark, to the extent to which sunlight does not have a & # 39; go through. It's a nighttime. "

"We were optimistic that the rover could go out. The rover would be hunting down, and then when the storm was cleared, the rover would be surrendered," said e. "That did not happen. At least he did not tell us that he had happened. So we do not know."


Although it's not as spread as seven words on a T-shirt, Oppy's final message back to the headquarters is still handsome.

This rover was built over fifteen years ago, she traveled more than 283 million miles, and lasted a long time ago; longer than scientists expected. And even when the end was close, he kept the ground and put back one valuable message last before he went out into the martian backstorm.

Being able to see an example of such a good inspirational excellence.

And that the robot was really good, it does not hurt either.

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