How AIDS is different from HIV and how it shows disease


This week the Public Health Institute (ISP) gave a terrible fact: Chile is among the 10 countries in the world with the highest rise in HIV, except for 2010 and 2017, an increase of 96% was recorded in new cases of HIV / AIDS.

Also, Only January to September this year identified 5,206 new issues, a 21% increase in the same period of 2017, when the figure was 4,304.

This information allows estimation By the end of the year there would be between 6,500 and 7,000 diseases In general, what would it mean an increase of over 100% in the past eight years.

The information did not affect citizens, but also on public institutions, so much Ana María San Martín, head of the Department of HIV / AIDS Ministry of Health, withdrawn from her role in the middle of the strong increase in diseases that were recorded in the last time.

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The experts in the case agree that the best way to stop is to be expressed, so in T13 we tell you Everything you need to be aware of is & # 39; virus and the best way to care for themselves.

What is HIV / AIDS and how are they different?

The World Health Organization explains that the virus is in a position; an irritable virus (HIV) attacking the security system and its weaken defensive systems against the disease and the face of some cancer types.

As the virus defines cellular cells and its & # 39; preventing normal immune use, the person converted will gradually fall into an inconvenience situation. Migration is usually measured by counting CD4 lymphocytes.

Immunodeficiency increasing the risk of taking many diseases, cancers and infections to risk that people with a healthy fighting system can fight.

The most advanced stage of HIV disease is to get a Syndrome Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS that, according to the person, It can give 2 to 15 years. People with AIDS get certain types and diseases Do not give other bad clinical suggestions.

Signage and signage

The symptoms of HIV infection differ depending on the level of the question. Although the most likely disease is to be reached in the first month, many are included in a & # 39; pretend that they do not provide passengers to more advanced levels.

Sometimes, in the first week after taking infection the person does not show any markslong as it is At other times it is present a picture like a flu with fever, headache, boots or bitter neck.

How the disease weakens the protection system, the person can be present Signs and other signs, for example the flame of lymph, loss of weight, fever, diarrhea and coughing habits.

In the absence of treatment, major diseases can be seen as wear, brain disease cryptococcal disease, dose bacterial no cansean as lymphomas not Kaposi sarcoma, among others.

How is it broadcast?

HIV will be broadcast by sharing some physical fires of the person converted, like blood, cheese, bee or secrecy vaccine.

It can not be converted into normal everyday communication such as kisses, black shoes or handcuffs or by sharing personal items, water or food.

Also be broadcast by suffering a corrupt blood or a # 39; needles section, stems or other sharp devices.

Factors of danger

There are some behaviors that increase the risk of a person who hinders HIV:

  • Give an anal or vaginal untouched species.
  • After another disease that is drawn to sex such as syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and no bacterial vaginosis.
  • Split a needle, strands, drug misuse or other infectious material to use rubbish drugs.
  • Get crabs, and move blood or volatile discharges without safety commitments or subject to medical procedures that include cuts not impressive with non-volatile devices.
  • Screwed with knitwear, a wound that will affect health workers in particular.


Serological tests, including rapid tests and immunoassays (EIA), They are detected in the presence of or not antibodies against HIV-1, HIV-2 and antigen; virus.

A HIV-proof test is not verified by itself, that is the reason it is important to combine these tests in a specific order that was determined based on the frequency of the virus in the population under review.

In most people, Antibodies to HIV show 28 days after the date of the disease and, therefore, we can not find it before. This time is called the seroconversion time and this is the most time of disease, but transcription can occur in all stages of the disease.

She has a cure, but does not cure her

It is possible to prevent HIV through remedies in which three or more are combined antiretroviral drugs, which drop down to & # 39; virus in the body and its & # 39; allowed the immune system resumes strength and the ability to fight infections.

There is no cure for HIV disease, but good medicine With antiretrovirals continuing to the letter to change the disease to & # 39; stopped largely. HIV infections were more and more, even in poorer countries, They can stay in good condition and can be fertile for a long time.

WHO will recommend to & # 39; AMC gives life to the affected people, including children, adolescents and adults, and women who are pregnant with a child outside, regardless of their clinical status and their CD4 account.

By mid 2017, There were 20.9 million people in the world taken with HIV on antiretroviral cure. In 2016, it covers 53% of adults and children around the world.

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