How and why would Vidin and Belogradchik become Serbia's country if he was not an Englishman – BLITZ


The English journalist, Henry Berline, rescues Vidin and Belogradchik and are still within Bulgarian borders after being able to go to the United States. the Charter of Neuilly. This was published by Christina Kirilova from the Departmental History Museum in Vidin, and Channel 3 writing.

She said that the representatives of the Kingdom of Serbs, Crotts and Slovenian (in the future Yugoslavia) in the International Commission had applied to Vidin and Belogradchik, and find out that it's Serbian.

The British government announces journalist Henry Berline to confirm that Serbian submissions are warranted.

"Joseph Bernji is translated by Henry Berline, the English journalist welcomes Vidin and Belogradchik and so it is a gathering of evidence that the population in these cities is Bulgarian , showing the traditions of folklore between the Bulgarian people in Vidin and Belogradchik and the Serbian department, thus saying that Serbia's official bids have sent Vidinci away with thrush and hawk, "said Kirilova .

She also said, following the reports from Henry Berline Vidin and Belogradchik to stay on the land of Bulgaria. There is another fact about Henry Berline that pertains to his trip to Vidin.

When he reached Vidin, he sees his & her; The Warrior Warrior Memorial Monument, who was at that time on the main square of his town and saying: "I tell our ministers and Pashic (the most important of the Kingdom of Serb, Cròitean and Serran ) in Bulgaria, which is believed to be the cause of his war, there is a monument, that Europe is not so clear … For all, the soldier fell on his knees, put his head down and shouting for his companion and his legs that have fallen in a fratricidal war. "

The memorial was built in honor of the soldiers and officers that had fallen in the Serbia-Bulgaria War in 1885 and was carried out by Professor Andrei Nikolov and Italian Arnaldo Tsoki.

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