How Ben Mac a 'Ghobhainn took over the Air France-KLM tour


Very uncertain from having an office in mid-September, the General Manager of Air France-KLM has been inserted in particular with its company. his own decision.

Ben Mac a 'Ghobhainn, the new CEO of Air France-KLM, is not a real lamb; may be a suggestion. Pieter Elbers, Chief Executive of KLM, came to achieve this: although the situation of both of the group has been prompted, it is now a seat of seat. "The lamb" showed the fangs, and now does not support the wonderful ambition for the devolution of KLM. And unlike the previous ones, Ben Mac a 'Ghobhainn is not ready to allow himself to go.

As well as being exempt from having an office in mid-September, the fan Alexandre de Juniac and Jean-Marc Janaillac will be able to. keep tightly on journalists. It's even out of date to be amazing that a & # 39; group and the two companies that raise interest and heat debate. He does not give up anything of his history and of programs (strike strike, referendum, release of the Chief Executive, incredible hunting …) who lasted his job last year.

Mid-January, during his first public appearance, in front of grandparents, Ben …

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