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In the third revision, the writer tried to complete the completed Tược Cuc.

Kim Dung knows the audience as a "father" a series of renowned art works Local line signed, very big place, replaces today, Xa thieu tam tam song tincluding: Condor Heroes, Great-Condor Heroes and ons Heavenly Dragons Heaven. The novels of the famous author are without mercy on the female's mercy.

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In the third review, Ifeng said Kim Dung for Chu Chi Nhu, was giving her a fine final lead from Truong Vo Ky.

Inside The hero of Condor, Quanach Tĩnh joins Hoàng Dung after many problems and challenges. go to The wonderful god, Too's love story and Tieu Long Nu also get a lot of tears from the audience.

However, he will arrive Ri The name given to Emperor Dragon Kim Dung again built the character of Truong Vo Ky "life" more. In the middle of the love, Zhang Wuji stopped him, and he could not decide his own feelings between the two girls Zhao Man and Zhou Yu.

Not only was Zhang Wuji, many fans who were "drawn" for this war by Kim Dung when he liked Zhao Man, who loved Zhou Yu. Kim Dung also ensured that Truong Vo Ky was asked to go to the area of ​​princess Trieu Trieu Mong or the daughter of the boatman on the Han Thuy River.

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The three characters are Truong Vo Ky, Trieu Man and Chu Chi Nhoc.

In the draft Ỷ The signature of Dragon Emperor In the past Kim Dung wrote Chi Chi Chi, but he was still happy with Trieu Man. But in the third revision, write the late writer Chu Only, asking Zhang Wuji to give her a promise.

Zhou asked him only to ask Wuji to bring a child, but he was not allowed to marry Zhao Man, but to remember her in his heart. Zhang Wuji agreed with this situation of Zhou Qin.

This change at Kim Dung surprised many listeners and disputed social networks. In addition, many people identify 3 points in the novel Ỷ The signature of Dragon Emperor show that the writer wished to receive particular favor from Chu Chi Nhe.

Even, some audiences said that Chu Chi Chi was the true love of Truong Vo Ky.

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In the third review, Kim Dung delivered another one to Chu Chi Nhet.

Zhang Wuji met Chìi Chi Chi when he was a child, while he was with Truong Tam Phong to find a teacher to cure the evil-eye due to the influence of Huyen Minh, chief of Hac But Ong . As a result of the negative noise, Wuji felt nothing when he was eating. Even when Zhang was fed, Zhang Wuji was still refusing to eat.

At this time, Zhou Zhuo only includes the food pilot and patiently patrolling Wuji. When Wuji told me that he was full, Zhou Gui still encouraged Zhang Wuji, if he was eating, that he would allow his master Zhang Sanfeng. Hearing Chu Chi words, Wuji had eaten all this food.

Not only that, Tược also shows his attention when you are building bones to help Wuji to eat better. After they had broken up, she forgot to remember Wuji for eating well. By linking with the heart of Only Poor, Zhang Wuji moved to tears and promised to eat more.

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Page Ifeng, Chu Only Tược was the love that Truong Vo Ky could not forget although she did many things with mistakes.

Trang Ifeng, a true memory of Zhang Wuji, Zhou Chien. Many people have affected this meeting from both of them as Zhang Wuji lost her parents from an early age, despite the fact that the crowd had been well dealt with by the crowd. on the Mount Wu but with thoughtful and sensitive minds of the girl, Zhou Chien Wuji was very pleased.

At this time, Zhang Wuji thought he had very little time because he could not heal the still sound, which made him meet with Zhou Chiu on feeling as warm as a family.

He prosecuted a magistrate without having married Truong Vo Ky, and Chu Chi Toc eliminated all due to his deep love for Truong Vo Ky. On Quang Minh, when Chu Chi Chi-Choc prepared to worship the street by Zhang Wuji, Zhao Man broke the marriage suddenly.

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Chu Z changed her character, changing Zhao Man's character, and decided to take revenge on the Cavalry and the wounded Zhao.

Pain and compassion, Chi Chi Tyock was kidnapped by Chi Chi and they decided to take revenge on Truong Vo Ky. Missing parents from an early age, growing up in a young girl My sister was sworn by Dinh Man Quan's sister, many people said that Chu Chi Nhet was thought to be fond of Trieu Man. Truong Vo Ky. .

Eventually, Zhou Chien revealed his evil deeds to Wuji, and he gave him a pardon. Kim Dung also finished a happy finish for the Bad Only. When Zhou Zhuo asked him not to marry Zhao Man alone, he was only allowed to give birth, Zhang Wuji agreed to her without delay.

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Just Kim Dung is his favorite when he finished everything and turned Truong Vo into a draft of "Vi Tieu Bao".

The following acknowledgment of Zhang Wuji, as well as Zhao Man, showed that he can't still forget the figure of Zhou Zhuo, he said: t “After eight years, 10 years, their hearts will only think on the evil eye, don't forget the disadvantage. T

She made a lot of mistakes that made me think it wasn't too bad for me now. Some of the things she does because of her emergency are unable to do it. We really enjoy my marriage, as well as a couple of Tc, Man, Black and Nhi, Tieu Chieu.

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