How can the right priorities exit our roads?



The path has been wiped out in a number of urban towns … What about national legislation?

Possibly around 15,000 accidents a year, the priority will be discussed on the right. However, while some Flemish towns have passed the course and decided to eradicate it altogether, they are still unusual. T For example, the small settlement in Glabbeek has now banned this measure from its roads for two years. "Having analyzed the figures, 6 months before the works and 6 months after the works, we saw that the number of accidents had declined and that speed had fallen at the same level. 30% time, He explained his factor Peter Reekmans to RTBF.

In Glabbeek, all the places are equipped with signs that drivers need to comply. But can this step apply to all of Belgium? According to Benoît Godart, spokesperson from the institute of Vias with our colleagues, this is not possible. "Neighbors where some roads are no larger than othersit's ok. In these cases, for example, it is important to have the right priority rule, meaning that the driver will accelerate, extra t".

The same story beside the cabinet of Minister for Motion. "Priority on the right will always be part of the road code prepared for itMélisa Blot, spokesman for François Bellot, is interviewed. “But the towns have freedom to stop it by developing road signs if road safety is required".

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