How did anybody Chuck Liddell Fight Tito Ortiz have a Saturday?


There he is going.
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Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya, won his first mixed artistic arts event on Saturday night at Los Angeles Forum. It was built more like the traditional MMA boxing card, with its main event to & # 39; Getting almost all the focus and the concept that gets a bit of a plant service. The main event was questioned, in some way, the third fighting in one of the most famous sports partners, Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz. For recitation: this event took place on Saturday. You may probably ask how this happened.

Strong sport is not sure, sure. Sadly, completely. It is completely cleaned and even it is clear that the soldiers who are allowed to leave permission to do so; fight when they should not do something that is happening with a regular rule. And Saturday even had a different sense of feeling.

Liddell was a co-competitive night style for Ortiz, his former trainer's training, dropping out twice as long as they were. fighting – which was in 2004 and 2006. Liddell was talking about her & her; That case and quality as a lightweight competition as the biggest UFC star for a while, just because it will fall down when Quinton "Rampage" Jackson out brutally in the & # 39; His first defense after the Ortiz re-movement. Then, that just happened, again and again. Liddell was unable to remove a pocket, and he left 1-6 in the last seven scenes with all of them but one of the keys. come through a tremendous spin. President of the UFC Dana White, who is a friend of Liddell and former manager. Previously, he wanted to retire as long as he also had a & # 39; giving him work to work for him who would not worry about money. For a highly valued appraiser for sport when he was still a young child, he was like an adult if he was at the moment.

Two years ago, however, White Scots and the secondary pupils, the UFC Fertitta brothers sold to Endeavor (formerly WME-IMG), and the "thankful" jobs were given to campaign away. (TheThe Last Appraiser A Season 1 winner and the old Forrest Griffin championship were held, apparently because Vegas's resident had decided to treating his honorary gig as a real job and was shown in the nearby UFC offices). Liddell had been making a sound about & # 39; returning to the cage, and did not just get it once again when he was alone after being cut off from work he said he was promised to be a life-long gig. ; there. And where there are two old soldiers, susceptible, a market with what has always been a huge benefit, it is always an incentive to use it. Well to take advantage themSouth Westerly

Ortiz is now due to a corporate shipwreck, it is usually like an athlete in his latest battles. In his last fight, 22 months ago for Bellator MMA in the same forum in Los Angeles where he fought on Liddell on Saturday, Ortiz ran completely through the places ahead, but In particular, it was not Chael Sonnen. There is a significant ongoing debate about how Ortiz is non-contagious or not, but it's hard to tell you that he has never been the most responsible speakers; It's been missing a little loss, with two last TKO losses and # 39; coming through guns in 2011.

It's a different story in Liddell. He retired in particular because he lost all his ability to take a punch, and it did not seem that things were wrong; going that place to get worse. Although he had been looking good at his last fight before sinking, it was nearly ten years ago, and he lost the fight he had been. Previously after he was punctuated, he was frightened because he did not appear to have put it down Mr. Mike Goldberg, the Play-by-play journalist, who is a & Thinking about the same, of course, "OH NO!" When Liddell went down.

A & # 39; As a result, the closer fight grew, it would be much worse than the previously difficult struggle that had come before. Most of the really bad things, such as the battles given by Ken Shamrock, Kazushi Sakuraba, Gary Goodridge, and Don Frye were far beyond the place to return, without control. Liddell-Ortiz III did not have some Japanese professional perspective addresses – it was to be in California, in a preserved and promoted bout with great fighting. It's a part of California that belongs to it; Most: the state controls more MMA than any other athletics commission, has made several investments in shipwaters' safety, and helped to do it; co-ordinate the most systematic systematic MMA program in the country; The commission is run by a retired campaigner in Andy Foster.

But they are still an athletics commission, and athletics commissions tend to be as well as hell. Even California does things like to & # 39; preventing Alexander Shlemenko for a steroid test failure even though the folder came with the urine skeletons that had been removed; fighting the laboratory with smaller pipes than expected and then triple the suspension length over what the original message said. The idea is that Chuck Liddell should be close to a cage in the pomp; in the moment is so simple. But it was not too tough for California Saturday. It was easy to predict what the next thing would come.

In fact, it was easy to predict before months. Liddell was a video clip of the sports hall during the summer, and the performance at the open evenings last year was not much better. On broadcast, that was explained away as a style of strike by Liddell who was not Looking good at mitt's work but was effective in the cèilidh. But as soon as Liddell started and started; Walking to her sadness, it was clear that Liddell was more wrong than a karate accident. His arm was stopped and accidentally, his arm and his handover seemed to be; mystery, and his eyes were empty free to someone who knew where he was. He was disturbed before his voice was shouted; bell.

And when the battle began, the picture could not be more clear: Liddell, who had a speed that was so important to his game, gave him a regular degree of UFC Its shorter access to get to & # 39; Arrangement for his opponents, almost asserting Ortiz, who is not a major champion. Once Ortiz was too much to have her, Understanding that there was no fear of where his challenge was, he began to influence Liddell. Everything that had been affected was a bad impact. A & # 39; Ortiz's first promising pocket, the one who sent out his training companion.

I have been watching MMA regularly since m & # 39; father home screenwriter of UFC 2 nearly a quarter ago. I saw a bad mood at that time. Tints of serious dangerous, from rulers who allow campaigners to go to commissioners are regularly commissioned; Note that a ship is just telling the coaches that they can not see and everything is different, going up and running; including Paulo Filho occasionally looking and his / her; Speaking to the man's cell in his second fight with Chael Sonnen. The last stories of zombized legends, which are usually held in Japan, are up there among the worst of the sport. But the way Chuck Liddell was watching Saturday, and that he could fight in the situation he was in; It was the worst thing I ever saw in MMA that was made and commissioned by a great commission of honest athletics.

Don Frye's ill-health was terrible, but he watched his athletics and competitors before James Thomson met him with a number of unsuccessful blows while the referee was in a position; wish to come back. Ken Shamrock was allowed to fight long beyond the point that he should resign his position, but at least he did not. He can walk in a straight line. Chuck Liddell was not near where he got Saturday night. You can change your settings at any time. It should be embarrassed to all those involved in fighting for a long time.

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