How did Huawei take on a moving market in the world?


When Huawei appeared in a global mobile market in recent years, his "shocking" presence, with both giant and Apple giants, impact on the entire market, and some of the most powerful competitors such as Sony and Alcatel, HTC and many more. However, the results recently published by the Chinese company have been set up by the second world-wide company in terms of the equipment brought up to date this year, and 95 million of the # 39; smartphone phones in the first half of 2018 growth by 31% over the same period in 2017.

Brand Awareness

The company's sales have grown by 10-29 percent over the last five years, with rates lower than all market competitors. Samsung market share has decreased by 10% in 2017, CNBC. "With its growing growth rates, its company announced it could be the first mobile phone maker by the end of 2019, although there is a gap between it and Samsung (about 20% of the market is 15% ) (there are different estimates here but all show a Chinese company increase) And a comparative decline in Korea), but China's incredible growth rates are, especially with a comparative decline the mainland of Europe.

The Chinese company has been trying to get a & # 39; This is the chance to move the mobile market first by going to # 39; Raising awareness of the brand, "Marketing site" is an example in Britain, where Huawei has contracted with the largest public relations companies in the country, raising brand awareness From 13.2% to 62.8% in just two years. Although the company is still behind Samsung, Apple and even Nokia in its knowledge; people in the UK brand, as the company's products in global markets (based on more than 3 years ago) However, "buying ambitions" have a greater weakness in Britain, which successfully contributed to the public relations campaign. Public relations campaigns included stopping new mobile models in China and launching them in world leaders, with Paris and Dubai becoming a major hub of Chinese new mobile models.

Creating and & # 39; affect "gap"

Not only does the company throughout the world know that this global growth has been achieved, but the Information Age website is a n; describes the performance of the company as "exempt" in the innovation and design of suitable mobile phones, especially in the middle class. With great advances in the ability of mobile phones, and to do some of the opportunities that are available; Comes to advanced computer capabilities, many advanced users (rather than a good majority) require advanced advanced needs (in the design and accuracy of the screen and the strength of their process, such as example) And "gap" has been displayed in the market around media and mobile phones. Although there are a number of modules from Samsung and others, Huawei is able to offer more appropriate phones to the needs of most users, with some and more. watch camera, some on screen, and some on Salafi camera. So, with the amazing sale of Hawawei, it is not possible to find a model among the best sellers around the world, in keeping with a wide range of its products, which serves to & # 39; Company as a whole but not a special model is the best seller.

"Minimum" target too

Huawei's most important and market growth is the ability to add another brand name to a & # 39; company by making Honor phones in an effort to get more market place. "Huawei" is interested in introducing "Onor" in the competition of the two companies, "Chaomi" and "Obo" China, which is 14% of the mobile market on the world, and his living in the quarter and fifth in the market (After Samsung, Huawei and Apple).

Huawei's most powerful barrier to the top of mobile phone makers in the world may have been; a trade war between Washington and Beijing, as well as unlocking other mobile phones from American Americans, compared to an iPhone, means that it is a problem for the US market – according to The New York Times, The Post-Up of Apple is one of the three leading world makers worldwide Huawei a & # 39; The iPhone enjoys the US, which allows the company to balance its market share by doing it; More expensive marketing of goods, The towers are high. Huawei is one of Beijing's tools to deliver China's vision of the Silk Road, which aims to move China from cheaper production to an added value. A company has expressed an expansion of its investment in understanding uniform, tidy teams and more. , Moving from a mobile device and a communications device to a partner is evident in future plans.

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