How did UA help other Mars help? coming ashore


TUCSON, Ariz. – A new spacecraft just ends a dangerous, fast journey to Mars and made it safe on land there.

The University of Arizona project helped replace instead of parking for the

Mars InSight on shore

Next Post The new probe will work to find out what is well below the Martian surface.

They had enough reason to focus on Lab Jet Propulsion in California.

They managed onshore InSight over a million miles of space and arranged them to move from over 12 miles of miles to a safe land, just in just over seven minutes.

At the University of Arizona, Professor Shane Byrne was looking at a successful land. He knows UA that helped make it successful.

UA is a world-wide leader in planetary science. He was above Mars's own confidence, the

Phoenix Mars


South-West In just a week

Osiris Rex UA series

The Asteroid reaches the refining and will start preparing for the removal of an asteroid sample to Earth.

Shane Byrne will work together

HiRise, the powerful camera

designed and managed by the University of Arizona
HiRise has been playing Mars and her & # 39; surface scrutiny for the last 12 years. Byrne says that HiRise's pictures are from an orbit that inspired designers helped choose a safe place to land, "and also look at things like how many buds are on the surface because you do not have a & On the surface of the ulcer, the roughness of the surface, we will do so by regular photos but also stereo images from two different angles to we can see how rough the surface of the earth is. "

The HiRise office in the site selection should help InSight find the facts it has come. The site is a tough, stable surface that helps InSight's sensitive seismographs to Mars-quakes measurement.

"And look at how quickly the crazy radio waves arrive for different types of waves, you can explore the inside of the surface and confirm how As soon as cany tunes travel in a variety of depths, Byrne says. "This information tells you in detail how the planet is made in the inside."

And scientists say that the data contained in the InSight can be & # 39; Teaches us how other planets create because they think Mars is a model for how other rocky planets come together.

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