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However, children's best summer holidays are, however, open to many dangers. For example, high levels of enemy radiation are for the health of small people.

Ultraviolet strains, often on the skin of humans, can be damaged and even It can make skin cancer. To avoid these events, we will share some of the League's anti-Cancer recommendations to take care of the small people.

1. Use the belt: especially in swim lessons, and with regular water contact, it is difficult to be protected for a long time, so it is best to use sunflower with a 30-hour protection respiration less than a trip Leave the water or 2 hours Especially on the front, ears, armor, legs, legs and other often frequent places.

2. Drink plenty of water: It is very important that their children are irrigated and their; avoid supplying for heat extinguishing. For this, a "tomatodo" proposal is carried by freshwater, one liter at a & # 39; least. It is better to clean water, fruit and sugar.

3. Healthy lunch boxes: Surveys around the world have shown that proper nutrition protects our skin from sun radiation, as there are some foods on companies that are infected with sunburn; Developing the body's response to the sun rays. Therefore, it is important that children's dishes provide food that is rich in carotene, such as fruits and vegetables; with a high content of Omega 3, such as flaxseed and avocado and fiber content, such as eggs.

4. Use appropriate clothing: Suitable children should cost appropriate clothing due to tension caused by skin damage. It is recommended to cost protective clothing, such as long-sleeved polo shirts, aprons, t-shirts or polo shirts, and sunflowers; including 100% ultraviolet radiation.

5. Avoid solar transitions: It is best that useful days will not be made open to the sun within 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., because the ultraviolet urethra is significantly larger during this time. If not, make sure that where you are protecting it against UV rays, as well as having a good sunscreen need.


According to the League against Ali, ultravioletic rays can make damage such as provision, disqualification, and worse, skin cancer development when age.

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