How do you check, sanctions?


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Sharing activities, if closely researched, do inequality in taxi companies. (Photograph: Taxi waiting to build passengers at hospital transport gateway) – Photograph: Tone

There is a concern that the division will break the scheme

It is expected that the draft taxi management structure of Hanoi will be approved in 2018. However, so far, there are many different ideas, in particular to monitor the regulatory bodies in detail. Anxiety when a taxi administration is created to create the same or not …

Nguyen Anh Quan, General Director of Intelligence G7, said that the designation of taxi activity is the most worried in this draft rule. However, assigning it unless the government is ruled in a tight, transparent manner; Following to inequalities, even dividing the scheme can be broken.

According to Mr Quan, the two departments needed to be crowned: from the campaign, current procedures need to be used to test the demand of customers as well as the preparation of enterprises. At the same time, the state management agencies need tools, administrative software.

In a recommendation by the Department. Hanoi Congress, its taxi company said in the # 39; The capital has a unique color, logo and boardboard for each business. If the town needs to comply with the policy, they are recommended, the companies have a & n; logo logo for Hanoi's main city as "Khue Van" and chose one of three colors: white, green, and stickers (and maybe capo).

Regarding the fact that Hanoi founded a co-operative for taxis built by the Hanoi Taxi Association, it will guide and manage. telecom management, the operating center is an important part of the taxi business. This is the place for the complete suite of customer car maintenance requirements through radio or application software (Apps). Therefore, the implementation center will implement the interest and responsibilities of the enterprise, creating the model of the cooperative, subsidy, against the law of the market economy. "Technology changes life, including business. When a state management body has decided to make a decision on the writing process, there should be problems in monitoring, managing and handling, not to be causing inequality in business, "said Quan.

"Users who select taxi services will be based on the quality and price offered by a taxi company. By using operating centers, quality and service comparator taxi companies, consumers do not have the benefit of this. This meaning is to eliminate the value of the brand from the business, "he said.

Regarding the direction and penalty when the administration of the new taxi administration was given, Nguyen Tuyen, deputy head of the Transportation Department of the Transportation Department of Hanoi, said the Hanoi taxi market was still ruled. The principle is based on orders and circles. Indeed, Hanoi's taxis have many distinctive features, a complete set of rules, especially for efficient management tools, must be used. "The Transport Department continues to hear the views of specialized groups, businesses, experts and people so that the regulations are highly recommended," said Tuyen.

Traffic expert, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thuy has nearly 80 taxi companies in Hanoi, Hanoi should allow them to work. Hanoi management for taxi services should not be in managing planning, protecting the benefits of passengers, price, safety, technology applications in the direction, should not set up a business business South-

Rules must be formal in legal documents

In terms of his / her penalty for a & # 39; Bank rules brokerage, not governed by the Law on Special Procedures and Authorities, TS. Tran Huu Minh, vice president of the National Traffic Safety Committee, said that the development of an appropriate taxi administration plan in the area would be under the Hanoi People's Committee. This is related to the governing body with specific management solutions for each type of taxi.

"In my opinion, the apportionment is for all types of taxi. Free market countries also manage this way. For example, New York says there are yellow taxis, but there are no green taxis Even stopping in the inner home, "said Minh.

A description of the legal status of sanctions, Mr Minh said that the rules in the rule should be formal in legal documents; town. This is the basis for monitoring the taxi management of the area. It can be punished from this document of the town and based on current and punishable provisions.

Nguyen Cong Hung, Chairman of the Hanoi Taxi Association, said that each area has its own management body. When the regulation is implemented, all departments will be consulted and communicated with the councils and towns of the population. decision. In Hanoi, it is estimated that there will be 25,000 taxi stores by 2025. However, up to now, there are over 19,200 carriages at traditional taxis and nearly 4,000 local brooches return to Hanoi. At the same time, there are up to 30,000 cars at the technical vehicles that are taxis. Therefore, the number of vehicles operating in the town is up to 50 miles of vehicles, which break urban planning, causing traffic disasters, environmental pollution. "Therefore, the rules when executed must be ruled closely, create fairness in the proportion," Hung suggested.

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