How do you find a nurse and what steps can be taken to prevent it after the 36 confirmed cases in Misiones


Perhaps for a lot, the name "sounds" due to the disease of the past, is completely removed. But that is not like that. New issues have been found in Argentina. It is a harmful infection Made with the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae (not "Hansen bacillus"). You can have grazing time very long (up to 10 years), depending on the patient's protection. It's best to impact on it skin and the outskirts and can affect some internal members.

From time to time Ministry of Health in the Misiones department telling the local media that they have been detected in 2018 36 greedy cases. Out of the total number of diseases, 26 patients performed the medical discharge after completing the cure, and reporting health authorities.

How is it spread?

Not everyone is likely to cause the disease. Under normal terms, the body will "naturally" develop "obstacles" against the bacteria. However, yes people with little protection who have a greater risk of getting the disease with "direct and long communication"With a patient without certification or not being cured. For this reason, patient's confirmation and control so that the remedy can make it very important," as well as control their occupants ", recites from the health ports.

To stop it, it is recommended looking for skin spots and to go to the doctor immediately, the experts stress their "slow disease"; because consultation is important.

What is the herbal medicine?

Dr. explained Juan Rusiñol (MN 74521), a member of the Dermatology Service in the German Hospital, is cure spread and including the combination of different antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs and orally for periods between 6 and 12 months, depending on the type of herb that occurs. The renal disease is if the cure is complete in full.

The early consultation key is a clinical signal for early diagnosis, the patient's proper treatment and family control. An restricted it involves being tested and cured early and control the people who live in the same house. The patient treated can develop his life in a normal way.

The country level situation

Although Exit met the stated objective set out by it World Health Organization (WHO) is lower 1 per 10,000 residentsIn recent years there are still issues of this disease, as described in this note. In our country, weeds are characterized by its mixed productivity and its ability to grow. focus on some geographical areas such as NEA, NOA and central areas, although they are believed to be related to internal migration and sometimes to border countries such as Bolivia and Paraguay.

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