How do you place an energy level?


James Collins, one of the most important animals in the UK and author of his Energy Plan, recommend that you can increase your energy during the day.

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Practice every day

Try to work at least once a day. This can include a fitness program in the athletics or even just a & # 39; go out and raise the walk. The latest research has shown that you can make effective training in just 13 minutes, reports to BBC.

Enter calorie numbers

And it's so important that you change your food place for different days, as the needs of your body change according to what you do. More active days, whether you work or in sport, will be increasing your calorie needs. On the other hand, the active days need less fuel.

Provide caffeine strategy to your body

Caffeine can improve corporate warning and performance. By generating coffee 45-60 minutes before training allows to increase caffeine in the blood. The effects of caffeine activity can be long-term, but they can resist sleep until the finances should be reduced later in the day.


High quality sleeping throughout the night is essential for confirming memory and learning, weight management and muscle regeneration. Food that contains protein (especially amino acids known as tryptophan) can improve sleeping, and may reduce energy deficiency (length of diet) to sleep quality .

Actions planned for next week

Give 15 minutes a week to consider feeding over the past weeks, even. to make a summary of how you are generally feeling, and # 39; feel more affluent, then plan an activity for seven days in advance (for your use, when you use, etc.).

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