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According to A.Unikauskas, herbs should add to each diet – there is a variety of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

"Leguminous vegetables will become a very important part of the diet at the age of age, when doctors recommend to reduce the consumption of meat," he said.

The doctor confirms that different beans and pies can also replace meat: "Everyone knows we get protein from meat and fish. These are animal proteins. Leguminous vegetables are The main source of vegetable protons. On the way, most of the protein comes from soy. "

Amongst other things, there are lots of healthy locks in greenhouses, which reduce the level of poor cholesterol and its; a good increase.

"There are magazines all over the world because they are a great source of fiber. Additionally, I am sure that the baseline is essential for the good health of a framework in their food. There are two signatories – broccoli and green ponies according to the total number of diseases, protinants, detection elements, flavonoids and antioxidants ", – A.Unikauskas says.

It is true, according to the professor, that a large number of people including clothing vegetables into the diet, due to an unpleasant sensation such as bloating. However, it will help to prevent clothing and bite correctly – peunuts are important to think well.

In addition, A.Unikauskas emphasizes the importance of the # 39; There are precarious vegetables for women: "They are especially needed in menopause, when the estrogen is in the body of a woman who falls. Eat more beans, leannils and other shells, women naturally restore hormonal balance and prevent most of the negative symptoms of menopause. "

Readers are also required in young women with hormonal imbalances after birth, suffering from depression after birth, and Starting to scratch the hair, the doctor has a & # 39; added.

Founder of the "First Spoon" Life Academy, Rita Šilenskienė, ensures that pistachios are eating not only healthy, but also very tasty and so have been sharing several recipes.

Humus needs:

  • green beetot
  • 3-4 garlic trousers
  • 1 lemon
  • cooked or loving beans
  • 3-4 v ¼ olive oil
  • salt, pepper

R. Šilenskienė recommends that all habitats be tightened by an electric device and the humus made by sheep and barley rows. Apart from that, instead of being broken, you can use avocado and parsley or curry and red peppers.

Spicy bean

Large white balls boiled R. Šilenskienė is praised to be & # 39; Covering with a sad garlic, add salt oil and coconut slag and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Prepared by Gertrude Stripeikytė.

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