How do you think the old ML – the new GLE Mercedes-Benz promises you?


1997 By introducing the new M-Class, Mercedes-Benz has been ahead of the SUV section. Since then, more than two million customers have chosen SUV luxury in preference to other types. The new GLE incorporates the high standard of comfort and sedation control, so it will continue with this success story, ”said Samoan Samus, sales manager at Silberauto, the merchant Mercedes-Benz. official language in Lithuania.

The most significant innovations

Mercedes-Benz GLE offers a number of extraordinary innovations, and some are used for the first time in the car.

One is the stop control system for hydropneumatic E-Active Body Control, under the control of 48 volt voltage technology. This is the only such system in the market, where the speed of blowers and springs is adjusted per wheel. This ensures that the driving conditions are dealt with promptly and expeditiously, so that passengers can enjoy the highest comfort of any road and both drivers have good control features.

The SUV has autonomy up to 60 km / h with Active Tailback Assist. GLE will continue to make the mobile car, it stops slowly and can stop completely. It's not going out of the series, and the driver must just talk to the accelerator when it comes to a stopover. Such a practical and reliable system allows the driver to relax in traffic areas.

Radar is usually based on FLI examining the environment. They realize that if the danger is coming out of both series, the vehicle coming into the other side is too big and the car is stopped.

The car is decorated with a new 4MATIC 4-wheel drive. Torquisition gives the torch in wheelchair and can reach 100 per cent. power to one axis. With Offroad, low GLE driving is extra in GLE which even delivers in very difficult circumstances.

The car's wheelchair has risen by 80 centimeters, with passengers seating it – there's more room for everyone. Selectively, the second and third sets that can be changed drastically allow a comfortable seat for seven people in the car.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE stands out for its ultra-bright light, which eliminates the maximum limit allowed by law: 1 luxury discount at 650 meters from the car.

New standards for off-road classes

SUV has recorded a number of new standards for his class that have not yet met yet. One is an airborne effluent, the new Mercedes-Benz off-road code Ct is just 0.29. GLE's 0.32 coordinator was already the most difficult obstacle for engineers who designed SUV.

On the inside of the GLE are two 12.3 inch inches arranged side by side. The multimedia is managed by the innovative Mercedes-Benz (MBUX) view, which connects the driver's voice and many other new features. For example, the car understands the identity of the driver or handyman – which has come close to the screen, and which will provide the form and reflect some of the recordings for his interests .

The new class levels will also be seen by the preview screen, displaying basic travel information on the wind machine. It has a high resolution resolution of up to 720 with 240 pixels, and has a design screen size of 45 and 15 cm.

The driver chooses what he wants to see on the preview screen: driving speed, directional directions or off-road information (angle of passage, spreading height).

Debut Drive Hybrid

The Mercedes-Benz performer GLE450 4MATIC: the six-cylinder petrol engine and a 48-voltage system. The petrol engine reaches 270 kW (367 hp) and 500 Nm of torch, and the Tossing EQ adds an additional 16 kW (22 hp) and 250 Nm.

9-9-TRONIC gearbox is all of movement at all GLE SUVs.

The four-wheel drive with 4-cylinder motors will spread the 4MATIC torch between the axes at a fixed 50:50 ratio. For vehicles with other locomotives, such as the GLE 450, the distribution of token is governed by the Torque on Demand's electronic system, which means that the full power of the engine can be broadcast to one axle with more grip.

This system works well not only off the road but also when he is traveling away from asphalt. At that time the Torque on Demand gives the torch between the individual wheels so it is less likely to go out of business.

For the first time, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE was launched publicly in 2018. Paris car show. The new module can be ordered in Lithuania and will arrive at the official Silberauto salon at the end of March.

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