How does sleep help to throw disease?



How does sleep help to throw disease?


Sleep is useful for patients

Many note that the health of the patient is a n; Come on after sleep, because your company is going to sleep; "re-registering" cells during sleep, making their disease more effective infections.

"Sleep increases the effectiveness of T's cell act and responds to different concerns. This is a very important factor, and reflects on the current sleep problems," Luciana Bisidowski at Tübingen University said in an article in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. Difficulties such as depression and stress. "

According to scientists, the brain and hormonal system are always a bodily; makes two types of signals, including a type that makes it possible; trying to sleep her body and the other person preventing him from sleeping. The changes in the strength of those symptoms affect our sleeping ability at night and to be able to; awakens in the morning, and there is no imbalance here in & # 39; Continuing the insomnia or to get to sleep.

Scientists have discovered the effects of these indicators in recent years not only on their desire to; sleep, but also in the work of different systems of the body's cells. For example, sleep disorders are linked to Alzheimer's disease, which grows older than cells; body and other problems. The scientific team was given Bisidowski's leadership that sleeping has an impact on the work of the body and the ability of T cells to identify and kill disease cells.

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It should be noted here that scientists have found about 10 years ago that the body produces two types of symptoms that affect the cells of T, Encouraging protection cells and others restrict their work.

To find out how these signals worked, the researchers gathered and analyzed blood specimens from HPV people, saying that the proportion of components that dropped the cells of immersion fell into sleep . Then they carried out exams in which the volunteers were divided into two groups, allowing the first people to sleep during the day and then; preventing the second from finding out that there was a defensive system of the people who had; sleeping through the day has become a great deal.

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