How does the Innova combat truck management process back on the road?


How does the Innova combat truck management process back on the road? - Picture 1.

At the view of the old Innova vehicle carriage back on the main road in 2016.

Explain many cases

According to the High Court of Persons, to make a sufficient legal and scientific basis to assess the complete and robust way of a driver's break, it is essential to clarify many issues. It must be clarified that the first point affects its & # 39; car tractor and Innova car on the diagram. This is a crucial base to prove the distance between the two vehicles when the accident and the speed when the driver hit the brake to determine the level of corruption of the parties.

In addition, it must be clarified when the accelerator car loses the travel control device, the position of its vehicle on the diagram; What causes the loss of the control of the seagull control device?

The results of a Criminal Justice Institute – Public Security Judgment results showed that there were 52 seconds in its call-off time; sign. Despite its loss of loss; when the tractors and repairs and car crash of Innova, according to scientific analysis, have been lost in the time that data was lost, car bottle?

Before making a decision about moving paths, breaking the Hoang driver, turn on the road sign or not? When a broken car crash broke, the car distance was converted to Innova, how many meters, …?

At the same time, talk to PV Righteousness, Nguyen Tri Tue, Deputy Chief Justice of the High Court of the People, said the Judgments Committee at Hanoi High Court Courts will hold the cassation review session. The Judgments Committee will come to a decision as to whether the appeal of the High Courts should be accepted.

If agreed, the two birthdays will be summoned and the appeal will be reclaimed and Thai Nguyen Police will be inspected. Following the conclusion of the additional investigation, the procedure will be progressed and the case will be reviewed in the initial order.

How does the Innova combat truck management process back on the road? - Picture 2.

Le Ngoc Hoang flatter driver at the court of appeal has been arranged by Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Court (Photo: CTV).

Is there a real problem?

Lieutenant General Tran Van Do said – The Chief Executive of the High Court of the Court of Justice, the Senior Justice and the Central Military Court said that Article 377 of the Criminal Procedure Code states that "If the -Convening has already made a legal impact, it may decide whether the execution of such criticism or decision will be suspended over time. The decision must be suspended temporarily on how to be judged or decided to be sent to court or probability where their first nursing exam, solicitor and judging body were sent in. "So the Chief Justice of the High Courts will also consider whether they should counter the Le Ngoc Hoang prevention measures.

Under Article 371 of the Criminal Code, Attorney General Pham Van Phat – Head of a law office, said Pham (Hanoi) stated that the complaint was under the cassation mode when one of the gardens was: The decision in court judgment or decision is inconsistent with the situation of the case; There is a major breach of the procedure in the investigation, complaint or judgment that will cause bad mistakes in the resolution of the case; There are real mistakes about the lawsuit.

In accordance with the law, it is not the nature of the split check in probation level but a specific procedure order, and # 39; criminal offenses and decisions that have been legally implemented It is legal to ensure that the case is resolved actively and correctly. Claims that leave the person can make a claim at any time.

"So, the breakdown, the difficulties in the proceedings, will prove to clarify their case," said Pat.

Speaking to the media in the preceding corridor, the Chief Executive stated that; Justice Nguyen Hoa Binh has many issues to clarify as Ngo Van Son – engineer Innnova back on the road, clear breaks It seems like he was drinking alcohol before moving the car, and # 39 ; keep up on the road, passenger cars as well as the permitted number. There are also issues raised during the unauthorized legal process, such as the safety of the consecration truck, the first two car parking, the Innova distance …

On 11/11/2016, Ngo Van Son gave an Innova car to carry 10 passengers from Bac Ninh to Thai Nguyen City for a wedding. In the evenings on the same day, the driver ran over the Yen Binh crossing (Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen province) to move the car back to his trip.

At this time, the driver Le Ngoc Hoang trains the tractor's drive; Browsers on the road between 60 – 65 km / h. When he was coming near his & # 39; horizontal, the Innova in front was turned on the red bra light. Le Ngoc Hoang driver did not move down and watched behind the mirror. With the other cars in the back, it did not; Huang can turn turns, so he was covered with a tail that meant that 4 people died in a place.

Law enforcement authorities stop the driver of Le Ngoc Hoang gun; keep pace and distance with just a car just before going to & # 39; The first Royal Royal National Court trial sentence is 8 years. At the court of appeal, Thai Nguyen People Court decreased the sentence for Hoang to 6 years in prison, Mac to 9 years.

During the proceedings, the family of the defense guard Le Ngoc Hoang submitted a petition to the main agencies. Just after the sentence, there are many ideas that ideas have not been reasonably promising, fair and fair information. fight.

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