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Many women know of pain and blood from endometriosis. But many more still try to understand better or not even know that they have this disease. That's why the Yellow March initiative was created, which encourages sharing of more comprehensive information about the causes and treatments available.

Previously, women would have heard from doctors that their pains were only "harmful." Today, they accept the more important signals of endometriosis. It is even possible to go to an operation – in some cases – to treat this problem; How the actor and actor Tatá Werneck did before she found out she was pregnant. Indeed, it is worth noting that endometriosis will not interfere with pregnancy, or that pregnancy does not aggravate the situation.

What was endometriosis?

In endometriosis, parts of the uterus lining (endometrium) move out of and grow into a different brain. They are often found in the ovens, lichen-caps, or lumps. Every month, when estrogen and other hormones cause thickness in the grain, the same cells spread out too. The backbone usually comes as normal.

However, dissolved cells do not have a place for accumulated blood so fractions, scars, or adhesions are formed. Although not all women with endometriosis have symptoms, the infection may be serious. Indeed, one of the main reasons for women's inactivity is. To avoid this worry, you need to know how to reduce opportunities for non-fertility.

Main reasons

Nobody knows why endometriosis is developing, but the estimates are good. According to "retrograde menses" theory, menstrual blood flows in the other direction of the uterus with fallopian tubes. This blood behaves to other parts of endometrial abdomen cells, which are grown and grown. Another hypothesis shows that endometriosis is of a non-permanent nature, which would suggest that some endometrial cells have been outside the nerve since he was born. The third is that endometriosis is caused by the lack of a defense system, that cells could not destroy it.

Marks of endometriosis

The most common features of endometriosis are:

  • Sacred shrimps, which begin before the start of menstruation and emerge to the highest level afterwards.
  • Very severe menstrual erosion, often with large blood helmets.
  • Cause and stop just before menstruation.
  • Strict pain in interactions on any day of the month.
  • Diarrhea, attachment or pain during bus movement.
  • Blood in the stool or the mare during menstruation.
  • Fruitless


No issues are identified for each issue. Doctors are recommending it only for patients with deep endometriosis, and when ordinary treatments do not produce results. The procedure should be carried out in a hospital, with the patient being subjected to a general empathy. The approach involves a small cut in the abdomen to remove or burn the mysterious bone material found in other members. The postoperative is short, but you will have to stay in hospital after an operation.

Improvements may be needed

The traditional combination of plants vitex and angelic-Chinese help fix hormonal disadvantages that strengthen pain in endometriosis. Also, like the Mexican yam, they take over. Don't forget too mutual evaluation of lipotropic: thistle marrow, hill, inositol, methionine, dandelion and other ingredients. This combination encourages the air to be 'cleaning' the body of more estrogen. For the best results, use these sources of support across a menstrual circle.

If there is a dangerous menstrual lamp, take you with calcium (500 mg, 3 times a day) and magnesium (300 mg, 2 times a day). Except for error. These minerals help to produce the results of prostaglandins, a material made from endometrial cells that form menstrual bones.

If a couple of months from using these developments don't help, try adding the following:

Also, make sure you exercise. Searches show the ability of physical activity to stop and stop even endometriosis symptoms. But don't forget! If you have any health problems, speak to your doctor before you support.

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