How First A First History has to Mars … End at Crash Landing


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Forty-seven years ago, the first spell-boat spell made by Mars was reached on Mars's surface. Only, things were not done just as planned.

The interdisciplinary introduction came with the permission of the Soviet Union, which had been done earlier months called Project M-71. The campaign included satellite and two spacepaces to Mars: the satellite to go to; circulate a red planet and collect data so that the other two could safely land on the surface for their first time in history.

In 1971, the emphasis was on the Soviet spatial program after America had a " The first step was on the moon in 1969 and the Soviets were first launched in advance in the first year that ended in an accident, contributes to the fundamental problem of the work.

"Placing a spacecraft to a long planet and introducing it into an unidentified atmosphere and that land on a well-known surface has a distinctive capacity," wrote Lev Muhkin, then Deputy Director of the West East Spatial Center, in the way forward to the Mars survey of 1999, which was written by spokesperson VG Perminov. "But with every new failure, new knowledge was gained, and with every continuing effort, the aim was closer."

Soviet Union. Mars Iii, The Spasail Carriage on Mars on the Seventies. (Photograph with Keystone-France / Gamma-Keystone through Getty Images)

When the day was launched in May 1971, Perminov said he and his team were "looking unfortunately". Then, the rockets put it into the outdoor atmosphere, but the problems revealed when one of the engines failed In time.

"An analysis showed that the executor had made an error," Perminov wrote. "He ordered a code of eight figures to the spacecraft control system to implement block D for the second time in another order. It was a human reason, not a technology, which was responsible for & # 39; error. "

Millions of thousands later would affect its & # 39; camp.

The engine was partially disappointed designed to put the satellite on its Mars housing mission, and meant that the landlords needed to proceed without critical information about the epidemic.

Follow the resolution forward by putting forward the rooster of the two spaceships, called Mars 2 and Mars 3, "operated[ing] to be perfect "(Mars 1 was part of the Soviet Mars courage almost ten years ago and was lost somewhere in the multi-millionth mile way between the planets.)

Then, in June because the spacecraft was months in their way, Perminov received a call from one of his scientists.

"" Come on top, "said his voice in trouble …" Missing communication with Mars last night. Get the team together and fly out to Yevpatorija [a control center in Crimea] immediately. ""

The story of his team was very tough: the effects were in the & # 39; Mars 2 and Mars 3 are just the same. "The original converter failed, which works in the measurement group, first," Perminov later wrote. "Then the duplicated opponents were put in place. Initially, they worked correctly but after that they also failed. An order was made for the transcenders who work in the centimeter band. Telemetry data said that the centimeter group proportions were in place and they started to work, but the marks did not succeed. "

After two days of unemployment, b & # 39; the team can re-establish their attachments to the & # 39; spaceboat, even though they are still blocking what's going on; cause the detoxification. "By navigating Mars 2 and 3 Marsh spacecraft," Perminov wrote.

Perminov said that in November 1971, a few days before the spacecraft went to Mars, there was more bad news.

"In the last few weeks, there was an unusual dust storm that covered its entire surface surface. Experts said that there was not so much dust dust stored on the surface of Martian," he wrote.

There was nothing to do about that, so the mission followed. On November 27, Mars 2 made a landline designed to be depressed. Unfortunately, the computer was aboard to think that the laird was on the wrong road, and # 39; trying to correct him and put the laird in a bad disaster more complicated than he should be.

Instead of breaking through the air and its & # 39; shaking a great parachute for getting a very simple landing, Mars 2 screwed down through the Martian sky and sank to the surface of her; planet before using its parasite.

Welcome from Earth.

Fortunately for the Soviets, Mars 3 landed on land that landed sharper.

"Everyone was waiting for the information that was released from the country to a radio system on board the spacecraft," Perminov wrote.

After waiting for the & # 39; spacecraft that is now coming out to be in the right place to give out-of-country abductions, has finally emerged. "There was a gray background without any information," Perminov wrote. The oblivious storm, apparently, had been preventing the subtraction of images.

But the laird can return some data – for about 20 seconds before it's also dark.

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