How investors and the home economy influence their change in interest


Develop some improvement in the inflation repression, together with the temporary sustainability of the exchange rate, and its Bank; Central let the floor 60% in the reference rate, the effects, among other things, on the performance of public titles.

But what does this mean? The government has maintained from 2015 the level of application for control of the exchange rate (dollar). That rate was a cause for a dispute between the Central Bank, who was over Federico Sturzenegger, The Luis Caputo and now Guido Sandleris, and the Casa Rosada.

Sandler praised everything that worked for him: in principle: dry the square of pesos and leave a blank band to translate if the dollar is going away or gone; falling too much. He did so with the support of the property paid by the IMF.

It also has a high level of interest to provide public titles in pesos and investors do not; cost of dollars. Take now with the Leliq (not at the time, the Lebac). But high maintenance creates huge problems for the & # 39; The funding of two companies and individual users.

In this way, there are market experts who give a warning if the level is; falling to help economic activity, but if they do it; falling down suddenly and that is increasing in the rate of exchange, which may have an impact on prices again The inter-passive Juan Ignacio Surraco, Balanz Capital Stock Trading Manager.

Surraco's reading is that you see in the middle of the corridor that the average exchange rate is in the first quarter of the year that will sail between 40 and 45 pesos for the shop department and a little lower for a & # 39; retailer. The Leliq could produce 40 per cent.

With the Leliq at 60% today and the BADLAR at 50%, it can be a good opportunity to take advantage of the weight levels. That does not mean to move to pesos and also not to # 39; taking into account the level of the dollar in the case of decision-making interventions, and defining Surraco's thinking about potentially potential investors.

This does not mean that the rates are set down quickly, as the Central Bank will dealt with care carefully, says Surraco. And it adds to that line that the investors will find the titles in pesos and will be sent to a dollar if they see that the level of application is; declined largely, since the prize is not to live in pesos a & # 39; pay.

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