How is it possible? There is a policeman at Riga looking for someone who isn't there


A man with no clarity still was held in a staircase in a multi-house house in Mežciems.

On the afternoon of the working day, Vidzeme Police de Riga Municipality defenders were appointed to the post of a highly-respected inhabitant of Mežciems. The woman complained that someone who was quite aggressive in her door was breaking up.

The police cleaner allowed the man to drink in the house.

Although police officers tried to find out what time a person in the custodian's department had, then a woman suddenly appeared on the view in order to have the Her husband keeps him out and he asked her to let her go. Although the database found someone with her personal data, the person in the photograph was a very different person.

Presented by representatives of the Police Force, the one whose colleagues have remained continues behind bars and whatever it did in two days, it wasn't!

It should be noted that this person attempted to call a foreign man, and that his pocket also had a very good passport.


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