How long will Pity Martinez have at the River? | River Plate



Franco Formoso

5:13 PM

Once the game ended against Boca and the River was crowned as a warrior in America, Gonzalo Martinez added to the fans through the official broadcast that he will not continue at the Núñez club in January 2019. "I want to tell people that that is; after January I do not want to"said Mendoza, from tears and very pleasing.

However, this year's River has two games left and their two are totally playing in the World Cup. And these are the promises that the pity will play before they leave Atlanta United from the US MLS. "I'm going to play the World Cup", b & # 39; He can express the 10th Millo, according to what is mentioned.

In this way, Martinez lives at the River for two other commitments and then quiet after arriving at Núñez in January 2015.

At the risk of losing their first World Cup Cup, the River also Another enthusiastic play for third place.

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