How many children are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Together together, and How are they older?


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When the phrase "famous children" is mentioned, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West children are usually the first to come to mind. These famous children are mentioned in the campaigns and news centers sometimes more than their parents.

There are three young children with each other together and there is no doubt that both of them have a couple; make some amazing children. Kim and Kanye always want a big family and now they live happily as a family of five.


The oldest oldest in the West has already made a name for herself at the age of five. Since she was a child, Northwest was always the most expensive, from strange scratches to parts of the Kanye West cloth line. With a closet full of designer clothing that costs more than our house, it's not surprising that it's a fashionable image; in the North West.

Kim Kardashian was devastated many times to prepare north in "up-to-date" clothing, which allows us to get rid of clothes.

Northwest has begun to move in model so why! She has officially officialized the family business and placed her railroad at an exhibition L.O.L Amazing fashion.

North is also starting to & # 39; grow the mogul-maize and after her mother and mother-in-law Kylie. It is said that the age of five has been accused and is caught without a digging in the Kim shape. The truth star has even taken north in the middle to spread its face.

St West

St West was born on 5 December 2015. Kim and Kanye have shown their love for names as well as their children, so their second child had to have a name , not like any other appearance.

Kardashian has been very open about her difficult difficulties when trying to convince Saint and was happy to learn that she and Kanye would welcome a second child.

While she was pregnant, Kim appeared as she was. she suffered from many health conditions and placed more than the weight that was praised by Saint.

Today, Saint is the usual 3 year old who says to her; going just like his mother. Even Kim says that Saint is her "twin"

Chicago West

The West Chicago boy is the last of the western clan. It is said that the 10-month-old is calm in a Kardashian storm. According to Kim Kardashian West, Chicago was "the best personality", she says, "very calm but when she wants food, she gives him food."

Kardashian and the West were born in Chicago due to the fact that doctors told Kim not to go to; feeling due to health risks. The West welcomed their young daughter on January 25, 2018.

Chicago West appeared to have been at the right time since Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were born their daughters the same year. Every three of the young girls are a couple of months apart and try to become their best friends already!

Kim and Kanye do not mention whether that would be. welcome her child's fourth sentence, but the two would be happy; enjoyed by their family.

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