How Michael P. became a model patient; and nearly the past time has been forgotten


In July 2010, P. is accused of two girls of age suspicion and imprisonment commission. He does not want to take part in a visual inspection at the Pieter Baan Center. That is why researchers are unable to make a judgment. Even weeks of behavior ideas don't give anything. As a result, the court cannot appoint Arnhem TBS.

The judge gives P. a 16-year prison sentence, and 15 years for the double jail. During an appeal, this will be changed again for 12 years. In July 2011 it will be introduced to the Roermond punishment institution. P. requests that he be moved to prison in Vught for two different reasons: a shorter traveling time for visiting his family and because he wants help to get rid of him anger and drug use. In Vught he gets the desired care, P. has heard.

July 2013 – Moving Vught

P. is moved to Vught in July 2013. A week later he enters the Mental Pediatric Center, and Vught also has a specialist department for sex offenders and long-term prisoners. Vught believes that he is unable to deal with P. there, as he does not want to discuss gender and sexual orientation.

Because there was never an official examination of P.'s personality, no treatment can still be done. In October 2013, P. Despite the challenge they took part in an inquiry. This shows that he has a developmental disorder with responsibility for cocaine and speed. It has a "vulnerable personality structure with an environmental awareness and has no control over its handling". He has few abilities. That is why it is expressed by anger, miserable behavior, vengeance and assault.

Over time in Vught there are a number of different events, including drug use, poor risk, inappropriate sexual behavior and acts of violence. So it takes penalties from one to seven days after he might be alone in his own cell, sometimes without television.

In the last year at Vught in 2016, a crime investigation by P. is being prepared for the first time. The GZ psychologist establishes a link between the enforcement and gathering of his negative feelings, substantial use of materials, prevention of sex and the prevention of these forms. Sexual components were clearly included in the inspection, but this had not been done before.

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