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Half-Life appeared in Germany for 20 years ago and has made the history of video games forever. Even today, the effects of the arrow are special.

It's just five years between & # 39; Doom's first release published in 1993 and Half-Life and the two games appear to be a generation. Soldiers in the mid-nine years were particularly the subject "Run to the top and kill all the challenges " later and stories were told above in the booklet or in cutscenes, Half-Life gave the new recital opportunities, The

The story of the Gordon Freeman physicist, who needs to fight a strange attack at the famous Black Mesa research station. But this is a special thing how this story is told. Instead of hanging on cutscenes, you will experience all the work without breaking through the eyes of Morgan Freeman, The story will happen around you and it's part of the game. 1998 a slight awareness.

However, not only should the power plant use GoldSrc device. Instead, each buyer got the editorial game, with their own creatures and in particular enabled Mods. In addition to any game before, Half-Life gave players tools to implement their own vision, The

These most famous projects are still an integral part of the game culture and to a large extent who is responsible for using eSports as it is currently: Hit-strike. The designer was initially designed as a means for Half-Life, until Valve recognized his ability to project and gave young moders as official developers aboard.

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The first soldier is the first person in the history of his video game.

As well as modders, Valve defended the way to other young talents. So, two official expansion for Half-Life: Opposing Force and Blue Shift appeared. Both programs related to events to & # 39; A key game from a different perspective, a man from the USA Maritime, another from Barney's perspective. SThe two widgets have been developed with the young Gearbox Studio software yetwho created the Borderlands series ten years later.

This is a & # 39; first song, but …

In 2003, the next chapter of the Half-Life saga began. At the E3, Valve gave Half-Life 2, a technical cover of all that had been before, In addition to the current animators and water effects The new store tool at the game was built above on physics managementwhich has not been in this form before. In particular, the Gun Movement, a tool that allows to convert objects into the space, remains in memory of many players to the present day.

But one of the most important aspects of Half-Life 2, however, had nothing to do with their game. The game is a & # 39; first single game steam platform aheadValve has never been the starting point for Counter-Strike to automatically update players. A program that links your games to an online account? 2004 movie, What if Valve swept down the servers once? What if I want to sell my game? The struggle to Steam was good, but thanks to Half-Life 2, everyone was in danger, Just a few years later, it was difficult for Steam to think of any playing PC.

However, Valve Steam does not only use the games itself. Again, the creativity of young developers should be encouraged, to be given since 2005 and indie games on the platform and so an option was opened from the AAA representations.

Although two expansion programs for Half-Life 2 continue, however The series came to an end in October 2007 with a bad viewSince then, it has been quiet around Life and hope that Half-Life 3 is still emerging, has now been a move. But there may be a good reason for that.

Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were not just good games, they did the play world again. For Half-Life 3 a smaller application can apply. But what next step? There is a reflection on the work, stories, eSports and digital transmission of the Half Life series, What challenges are still open for Half-Life 3?? Probably true. For most players, the futuristic glasses are still expensive. And who knows – Half-Life 3 may only change VR, The

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