How the same military factory in the country works


The country's only military factory works in Ramos Mejía. Founded 60 years ago, Bersa employs 110 people and bill estimates in 2018 to $ 345 million. According to the company, every five minutes, anywhere in the world, a pistol sold that was made in that plant. Between these walls, 90,000 devices are made annually; The process to make a request, usually 28 minutes. 70% of what has been made is brought out to 36 countries, and the United States is the leading producer. Of the remaining 30%, most of its & # 39; going to the national security forces. "Of the 120,000 weapons used by the Buenos Aires Police, 80,000 in Bersa", is shown by its " company. A smaller number is sold in a logo for Argentine civilians, capable of choosing different colors of guns. The prices for the public change: they cost from $ 10,000, of standard .22, up to $ 24,000, in terms of using 9mm for sport.

In front of an engine, one of the works is to record the number of weapons of the army on each. It's a job that's just a little seconds. In another room, three men will verify messages while & # 39; is a robot that calculates different pieces. In the plant, the process also has a & # 39; make the slide (which is decorated in a large machine so that it is not inaccurate) and the barrel, made of steel. Remainder of almost 60 pieces that n "#; make up the pistachs (depending on the type) provided by external providers.

Works carry out collective work by hand, and # 39; Put each piece or spring instead. Once the armor is ready, one of the staff is responsible for ensuring that everything is working correctly: for three minutes, to test each device, remove and put the bracket in place, and make sure the insurance works correctly.

Then, the aim is to investigate the work in a hunting field. Situated in the type of sound-sounded bottle, the only place is on the ground floor where there are guns and athletics "uncomfortable". Two are responsible for confirming that the guns Burning in detail: they are empty targeted target magazine and the floor of their "office" is full of suspicious. In the package, the guns will be cleared, the book and the online statement to the ANMAC (National Generation for Building Materials).


His company was born in 1958, established by three Italian emigrants. Benso Bonadimani is one of them and continues to & # 39; regularly go to their plant. "When we started with this project, I never thought we would finish what it is today. I just thought about working," said the 80- year, founded by Savino Caselli and Ercole Montini Bersa in a rented shed, which was also a place to spend chickens at night. With their company they are & # 39; Ensure that the investment in two devices and technology in the last two years is over $ 18 million, as well as the "training and consultation in process procedures". They also expect to go to them; Costs another $ 800,000 to develop new products over the next few years.

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