How the spectrum's business defends itself against the wave of anti-sugar campaigns


In the world's biggest candy trade show, the BBC was going to see how companies change to & # 39; increasing the face of sugar.

It is 10:00 a.m. there. and I'm standing in the middle of Technicolor's diabetes. Willy Wonka is a showcase of false awards.

In front of me there is a bottle of human gas, which offers a bucket of a mummy, but before I can take a man, there will be a man in a blue naval shirt; break a obstacle and then look around to understand anyone.

You should not be worried, for for 4 days, the same center is in Cologne, Germany, and # 39; Keeping a winter ISM and a food meal, the largest of its kind in the world.

And that means eating at breakfast, lunch and dinner, sweet.

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That would be

You could eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you want.

sweet face

With 1,656 exhibitors, it is fair to try a lot of sword.

As is now an annual honor for composting and foodstuffs, there are 1,656 exhibitors which cover 110,000 square meters of space on the floor.

This amazing size is, but it is probably not surprising if you think so far, according to Euromonitor International's market research company, the world's food market value came to $ 193,500 million today. last year.

The value of chocolate sales is only $ 109.5 billion.


According to experts, people wear less chocolate, but of a better quality.

But with fast-growing food makers to reduce their sugar content, what does sweet companies do?

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Sugar for breakfast

Robbert Vos and Lennart de Jong, founder of the Dutch company of Hagelswag, launched the anti-punctuation campaign: in fact, they urge the customers of the day to start chocolate … at a breakfast.

According to You, it is "the best way" to eat "because you're happy with the rest of the day."

Chocolate to breakfast

Chocolate at breakfast? "Why not?" The answer is Hagelswag …

Chocolate to breakfast

… you leave all the day, saying the Dutch company.

"The Dutch has been eating chocolate for breakfast for over 100 years and most of the English people say that there is a dream like a real dream, after the Netherlands, the Americans and the British main customers, "he said.

Having started the company in 2016 through the Kickstarter initiative to raise £ 34,000, they have now been sold to over 50 countries.

But their materials are not cheap: every bottle costs 250 grams of around $ 18.

"We use very high chocolate, it's not a huge product and people are willing to pay more for it," says Vos.


Choices of sweet milk and chocolate are the best of them.


But there are many other flavors to try.

The willingness to pay more, in fact, reflects the views of wider users, says Ivan Koric, a food and drink supervisor at Euromonitor International.

"In adult markets such as Eastern Europe and North America, one of the strongest movements of the"spread"People are willing to spend more on the product they believe to give them an added value," he said.

And Koric says that consumers in adult markets are more responsible to choose their sandwiches.

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"They eat better but less, that is what we say to sensitivity." For example, people who want to reduce their sugar. "

New mixes

Sami Nupponen has been the leader of research and development at the Goodio Finnish chocolates. He believes that his signature ChocOat will entertain severe and careful demography.

"Our chocolate is 24% oatmeal, oatmeal itself owns oatmeal, so it's an effective way to reduce sugar content."

The leaflets also contain many other fashionable applications: organic, freewill, vegan, and no sugar.

What's most important to Nupponen customers?

"Vegan, and after organic growth, but being honest, Chocolate is free from almost everything"


Sugar with oatmeal … healthy?

But what does the mix of chocolate and oatmeal look like?

I tried to taste chocolate with licorice. Although he was something & # 39; Additionally, it was not quite different from ordinary chocolate.

Like Hagelswag, the product is more expensive than many other companies, but the price does not appear to be Goodio's injuries.

Last year, they sold $ 1.69 million and Nupponen expects to grow to more than $ 2.3 million in 2019.

rubber bears

Cheaper sweets, like those rubber bears, were also fair.

Beul aithris

Although many of the new and new sweetheart companies use the author to make a difference, some of the old soldiers need to use different trades to be ahead of them; game.

However, beautiful makers who stick to & # 39; folklore, in this place of sugar.

a man doing a turrón

There were also all kinds of traditional names such as nougat.

A Niederegger marzipan company was founded in the German town of Lübeck in 1806 and its produce is based on two main materials: aluminum and sugar.

"In 200 years we have never changed the recipe," said Kathrin Gaebel, spokesman for Niederegger. The spirit of the company appears to be more related to change than the issue.

"We will watch trends and include about 50 flavors every year, we have recently doubled double chocolate and marzipan with white chocolate pieces, many of the new ideas We come from customers and, if something happens to those who can work, we will develop it "he tells the BBC.

sugarless sugar candy

Many companies emphasize the "healthy sections".


But not everyone is willing to give sugar.

However, what happens if these proposals include change to & # 39; basic food, for example, sugar content?

"That is not considered."

"In Germany there is a rule in making raw pasta for marzipan: 2/3 almoin must have 1/3 of sugar," said Gaebel.

And the rules are not the same thing that prevents changing it; basic process.

"If you reduce the sugar, the structure of the marzipan changes, almond sugar must have during the roasting process to work, and so I think the marzipan will stay also for the next 200 years. "

Despite being & # 39; siquor democracy and worries about obesity, our bonds seem to have been stronger than ever before.

  • All the photographs were taken by Elizabeth Hotson, author of the text.
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