How to apply Android on your photocopy


Having started slowly, it has been confirmed that Android is providing an ecosystem that is friendly to developers. If you are an application developer, you can develop your own application and publish it on a game after you have limited restrictions. This has led to a collection of many interesting apps at their store, many of which are not available in iOS. But what if you are an iOS user and do you want to use an awesome Android app? The only solution is to make some tweaks and run that app on your desktop. We will discuss how.

Using Android Studio

As part of Android's official Android Studio, they also launched Android support. The emulator can be used to create a genuine web site that will affect any Android application without the installation of the operating system. Everything you need to do, get the installer, select one of the pre-configured options for making emulation and its & # 39; push the warning machine. If the emulation you are looking for is not listed in the list, you can set the paramamers.

However, the emulator is the convertible version and without basic applications. For the installation of the app, you will need to handle the files on a daily basis.

  • In the SDK directory, attach the APK and insert it inside the toolkit.
  • Use the order quickly and enter the installation order install yourApp.apk. (yourApp your name is your application).
  • The app will be added to your own device.

However, the lowest thing is that it is a headache; in an arbitration method. However, as there is a large community of Android developers, anywhere you get ready, you can get help in open forums such as Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange. Also, there is badly bad, the reporter is very bad and he can not run games.

BlueStacks App Player

If you are searching for an application, you can run all the latest Android apps and games on the & # 39; Your little computer has little effort, BlueStacks is a great choice. He works with running Android version has greatly changed the backend. She also has an interesting story store. So you'll have access to the apps you bought. In addition, it is a way of creating an Android device and it will access a list of Google Play tools.

However, the only fact that BlueStacks does not run a normal Android building. And because of the changes they have made, many applications or games may fall in expectation or not to run. For developers too, the value is not very valuable because there is no confirmation that the application you made can run in the same way as a real machine that was executed on BlueStacks.

Which is the best option?

Well, if you are an developer and try to test an application that can then be used on Android device, the Android Studio reporter is the best option. As the administration of applications and configuration is complex, the best option is suitable for developers. Although it is a bit slow, it will allow you to understand how your app will work on the true device.

If you are not interested in the development only of using the apps on PC, especially the games, BlueStacks should be a great option. In addition, he has access to a game store and works well with multi-faceted windows based on windows. There are other devices like a Remix OS if you want to use Android apps for a long time on your Windows. However, this device takes a long time to install and configure it.

So, install one of the above software and enter the favorite Android application on your desktop. Please let us know if you use any other application that serves the same purpose.

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