how to block communication and not be aware


Certainly, did you ever think about preventing WhatsApp communication?


The world-wide consumer message request allows us to communicate with all the links we have added, and to those with our phone number. If you do not want someone to talk to you, the best option is to prevent the WhatsApp application, which is done in a very simple and fast way.Today, we will show you how to prevent someone from WhatsApp, these effects, and the best games related to prevention. If you would like to find out about this topic, please join us, as we will. Let's tell you everything at the moment.

Stop the link that saved you

To close dialogue from your business in WhatsApp, you need to go to the appendix, and in the privacy settings, add a user to the bar that is blocked. Is not it clear to you? We define a step by step.

Add a button to the menu

Go to the preferences section

Now go to the census section

Go to friends stop

Telephone the additional communication icon

Select the link you want to stop

That's so easy You can do a list of bargaining links in WhatsApp. You can consult all the time to the links you blocked, in a fast and comfortable way.

Restrict communications that you have not saved

In some cases, someone may have our phone number and we will try to talk to us. If you want to obstruct someone who is not on your contact list, just do the following.

Go to camera with the unidentified number

Open the menu

Give him a barrier to communication

It's already You blocked someone that was not listed in the WhatsApp app. You can no longer talk to that phone number, and will automatically add to the list of blocked links.

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